Signature Gianni 4.4

Those of us who have popped on our Signature body lately, automatically got treated to yet another update. The Gianni body is now at version 4.4 and if you are nerdy enough to want to get into all the nitty gritty details of the update, you can take a look at the change log. The most notable change is the addition of auto alpha functionality for clothes and accessories. This means that if clothing creators care to pick up the auto alpha kit an work it into their new designs, we will be able to put on those clothes without ever touching the alpha hud, which sounds very easy-peasy. Meanwhile the current hud is already quite versatile. There used be a time that I craved the TMP body with a Signature-style hud. These days I think I’m just happy with the current version of the Gianni body as it is. Now I just keep my fingers crossed for those auto alpha clothes to hit the grid pretty soon.


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