Taking David to TMD

A previous post showed that my visit to Man Cave with the NX-Nardcotix mesh body was a bit of a bummer and ended in a bed which, come to think of it, was a happy ending after all. Determined to upon occasion champion one of the less popular mesh body’s in SL, I approached this round of The Mens Dept. with gritted teeth and a determination to come home with at least one new item of clothing. We’re now in the final week of the November round of TMD, so this was almost a last-minute power-shop, which is a speciality of mine in real life when it comes to grocery shopping. Of course there are a lot of clothes I could make work for this body, by extreme editing of my shape and making maximum use of the alpha hud, but the goal of this particular exercise was to find items for the NX-Nardcotix body which more or less respect my shape. I will spare you the disappointments and focus on the male fashion pieces I rather fancied.

I already had some winter wear items in my wardrobe from ::K:: and wasn’t at all surprised to find that they created another high quality tweed jacket complete with a warm sweater and shirt. A generous hud lets you choose from a range of colours for the knitwear and shirt, as well as a couple of button options. I am using the Signature version of this jacket and before I had blanked out the offending body parts with the alpha hud, it was very obvious that this jacket was not made for the NX-Nardcotix body, but all in all it’s a pretty pleasing fit.

TMD November Haul with David II blog

Etham is one of the few brands that includes NX-Nardcotix versions in all of their latest creations. This jacket and hoodie combination is true to the sporty Etham style and fits the body quite well. Even if you only get one colour version, it still comes with several options for the hoodie. I was particularly pleased to see that these weren’t just plain colours but that there was also a nice camouflage pattern included in the hud and I appreciated the generous head space in the hood, allowing for a hairstyle of my choice… although a mohawk might prove a bit tricky.

TMD November Haul with David III blog

Always uber stylish Gabriel came to TMD with a classic single-breasted coat, casually worn open to show a warm cardigan and t-shirt underneath. They brought along a pair of worn jeans, creating an overall slightly dishevelled but very comfortable look. As you can see, just like in the Alanis Morissette song, I’ve got one hand in my pocket. This means you need to blank out that hand. The slight problem with that where the NX-Nardcotix body is concerned, is that the fingernails are separate and even with the hands hidden, they are still visible. It is possible to tint or hide the fingernails via another tab in the body’s hud, but I was not able to hide them for one hand only, so the hand that remained visible with this coat had no finger nails. As you are always left with an indentation where the fingernails should be, from a distance it doesn’t look entirely strange, but it’s not ideal.

TMD November Haul with David IV blog

Of course you can wear the Gabriel jeans by themselves and I imagine they are made of perfectly distressed denim that feels super comfortable. Gabriel does not make NX-Nardcotix sized versions of their clothes, so I had to make do with the Signature version. To make the jeans fit I had to play around with my shape a bit, but for a very well-made item of clothing, I’m prepared to make a small compromise. Halfway happy is better than not happy at all.


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