Easy On the Budget And The Eyes 3

Creating an affordable (arguably) good-looking avatar in SL is the frugal yin to my spending yang. The free TMP male mesh body remains my go-to base for these little exercises. As always, for a more elaborate review of this free body, I refer to one of my older posts.

  • To achieve this look I paid L$ 250 joining fee to become a member of the Belleza group, which gave me access to the group gifts, including the “Jacob” system skin (among others) which I’m using in the Deep Tan skin tone, in combination with the No. 21 skin tone on the TMP body. If I’ve lost you at this point, I suggest you really do take a look at that older blog post.
  • The very touchable looking shaggy hairdo is from Dura. Their hairstyles are not particularly low-priced, but you can buy a separate colour for just L$ 140. This is their “B&G 77” in Dark brown.
  • Once you have done a couple of hunts in SL, you’ll find that eyes are easy to come by, but if you have a bit of extra cash, I think the Vermeer Eyes by No Shirt Sherlock are a good choice. One colour sells for L$ 115.
  • The shorts come free with the TMP body in a couple of colours.
  • Total for this look: L$ 505.

I’ll just quickly repeat here that most clothes won’t work with this body, but if you are going to wear long sleeves, then you can use the hands separately. When you put on the complete body, you will be using what’s called an “alpha layer” to make the entire underlying “system body” invisible. If you are only going to use the hands, you will need to find yourself an alpha layer that covers just your system hands and wrists. Usually you will find this with a pair of gloves. There will be gap on your arm, but like I said: long sleeves!

Easy on the budget and eyes 3b blog

  • This sweater and pair of cropped jeans are freebies at Egoisme if you join their group. As there’s no joining fee, this look ads nothing to the price.
  • The same goes for the sneakers which are a group gift from Vale Koer and come with a hud that lets you choose from a range of colours for different parts of the shoes so you can make them match your outfit.

Easy on the budget and eyes 3c blog

  • This jacket and trousers combo is another example of the freebies at Egoisme and I should probably mention that the landmark will put you in front of their “Exmachina” avatar, but if you exit the building, you’ll see another similar building with a big freebies sign.
  • The boots are a L’Homme Magazine group gift at Giz Seorn. You’ll find a stand for the magazine inside the shop . Joining this group is free and gives you access to a bunch of nice gifts in several stores as well as keep you in the know of what’s hot on the grid right now.

Have fun putting it all together. There are some more interesting freebies at Egoisme en plenty of similarly priced one-colour hairstyles at Dura to chose from.

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