A great time to have friends

O.k. so Christmas is over-hyped and New Year’s Eve is just bloody weird because it’s celebrating the passing of time. Nothing is reset, there is no fresh start, we don’t even start a new season for goodness sake. At the stroke of midnight everything will be as good or as shitty as it was the second before.  For some reason it seems to be socially awkward to admit you’ll be alone for the holidays, yet the fact that you can feel lonely on every other day of the year seems to mean fuck all to most people. Hell, even those that look at bit worried when you tell them that you’ll just be home, watching the telly, won’t be inviting you to join their family Christmas diner. Bah humbug!

Having said that, this is a great time for goodies, gifts, freebies and prizes galore in Second Life and an even better time for having friends who can ask you questions like “Do you know Meva?” I didn’t, but I do now! They have an advent calendar for their group members and there’s no joining fee. I’m not sure if all the gifts are meant to stay in the calendar till the end, but I was able to get the ones for December 1, 2, 4 and 5. Only No. 3 seemed to be a dud. I got a couple of necklaces and a snazzy hipster cap. I wonder though if something can be hipster AND snazzy? I don’t know the rules! HA! Like I care about rules. Bah humbug! Last but not least there’s a tank top for the Signature body and I just love how it crawls up a bit on one side.

though the weather outside is frightful blog
The weather outside is frightful, but inside it’s quite delightful. While I’m toasting my hiny by the fire, I’m wondering where I left the rest of my clothes. I have no closet space in this house!


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