Peace On Earth Hunt I

Apparently the Peace On Earth hunt has been around for what I like to call donkey’s years. The list of contributors counts a very scary 297 landmarks and a preliminary investigation has shown that many of these will be of no use to me, but even when I know a store only caters for female avatars, sometimes it’s fun to have a quick look around anyway, especially if the sim is nice. For details of where to start, a list of hints and more background information about this most classic of hunts, I refer to the Peace On Earth website.

One of the stops on the peaceful hunt trail is Taox Tattoo & Cloth. I’m not used to wearing tattoos in SL, but i like the intricate design like this one. It really looks like something that’s come together over a period of time, as if each tattoo has a meaning and you didn’t just walk into a parlour one day, shouting “ink me god damn it”, but gradually reached a nice level of coverage.

I have started putting together a little homely Christmas scene with some of the items I have found and as soon as I have enough decoration items and/or furniture that I deem worthy of being shown, I’ll post a follow up.


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