Peace On Earth Hunt II

Let’s get something out of the way first: bah humbug! Now to continue with a more positive attitude, let me say that around this time of the year I have a slightly elevated tolerance for items that haven’t exactly been created to the very highest SL standard or with an extraordinary eye for detail. Undoubtedly this will result in a greater number of items from the Peace on Earth hunt lingering somewhat longer in my inventory than those of a similar quality I have found in hunts at another time of the year. After all, it’s Christmas! It’s baby J’s birthday!

Some things will actually even get to leave the old inventory in the positive sense (i.e. not via trash). Take this Bad Santa outfit from Zed Designz for example. The vest is a bit rough around the edges and the fur trim is less realistic than what we’ve been seeing in SL lately, but the print on the back is nicely done and I like the snug fit of the red trousers and open shirt. It makes me feel all “Ho Ho Ho” but also “are you feeling lucky, punk?” I’m so conflicted!


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