Fabulous Freebies IX

Do you see what I see? Dead avis walking around like regular avis? No! I see freebies! Sure, I just finished a hunt and there were some trinkets and treasures in that, but there is something to be said for a freebie that doesn’t need to be hunted down. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be quick to go get these before they vanish into thin Second Life air. Hey, I said you won’t have to hunt for them, I didn’t say you could move at a glacial pace.

Get yourself a nice Nordic sweater from E.Storm, you don’t even need to be a group member. And to keep your head warm you can pick up this year’s winter gift from Argrace. This beanie hairstyle comes with a hud with plenty of colour options for both hair and beanie.

Too Soon For Shorts blog
One of the many joys of SL is that travel takes no time at all and from winter wonderland it’s just a short TP to a much milder climate, perfect for showing off this simple black t-shirt with rolled-up sleeves from Justice at this year’s edition of SL’s anual Holiday Shop & Hop event.

Vale Koer Christmas blogRace over to Vale Koer to get yourself their Christmas group gift. You only have until January the 3rd do so and it would be a shame to miss out on these fabulously detailed red high top sneakers. I don’t know what this Vale Koer guy is on, but I wont some! Must be all that fresh Estonian winter air.

Sweater Weather blogWe’re not even halfway through this winter yet, but I’m already looking forward to ditching the winter coat for just a sweater. Etham is giving away this simple one at the Shop & Hop event. Tip: make your butt, belly, love handels and saddle bags small when you’re wearing an Etham sweater and it will look much better.

L&B Swear Shop & Hop blog

L&B Swear is also at Shop & Hop and has a nice bracelet and necklace for you. There are a lot more gifts to grab at this event as well as items at reduced prices from around 60 creators of fashion, furniture, hair, make-up, trinkets and thingamabobs. You’d better hurry, cause this particular bit of shopping fun will come to a screeching  halt on January 1st.


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