Taking David to TMD January 2018

Possibly I have mentioned this before, but I do not appreciate monopolies. Take the Swedish state monopoly on the sale of alcohol for example. It probably does a lot of good keeping widespread alcoholism at bay, but I just don’t like all the power being in one camp. The same goes for mesh bodies in Second Life. I sure do like the Signature body and appreciate the rising star of the Belleza body, but I feel that while the NX-Nardcotix “David” mesh body is one of the underdogs, it has its own merits and deserves a chance in the limelight. I realise that with each body that is added to the mix, fashion creators will have to do more work to adjust their pieces to the particular nooks and crannies of these bodies while logically it doesn’t really increase their income potential. But I persevere and bravely go where probably some Davids have gone before, to this months TMD!

First up is a jacket from Lenox. It includes a t-shirt with a colour hud, so even if you only get the jacket in one colour you can still play with the look, or you can wear it without the t-shirt and show more skin. There’s no Nardcotix size for this, but the Signature version works quite well.

The sneakers are by Versov and yet again I found myself using the Signature version. They’re not a perfect fit, but thankfully the alpha cuts on the body are in just the right place. For most shoes it is a challenge to find a pair of trousers that will work with them without clipping issues. On top of that, it’s also a bit of a kerfuffle to find a pair of jeans that will fit nicely in the waist and buttocks area of the Nardcotix body. In this case though, the jacket and t-shirt will cover up some of the problem areas and I was able to make this work with a pair of Kalback high cuff jeans which were released several months ago. These jeans come with an add-on in the shape of boxer shorts and a belt, which isn’t very suitable for good old David here, but it’s not like you need them with this outfit.

David @ TMD Januari 18 - 2 blog
The Chronokit down jacket doesn’t come in particular versions, so I guess it is supposed to be a one-size-fits-all kind of thing and as it happens, it does fit the Nardcotix body rather nicely. I believe that even on single colour versions you can change the fur trim and buttons, but I splashed out on the fatpack in this case, cause you only live once, even if this is Second Life.

Since this is clearly a winter coat, I got myself a pair of sturdy boots from Fame Homme to go with it. These were quite the challenge to combine with trousers or jeans and in the end I went with a pair of cargo trousers by Ascend available at their main store. Again, these don’t work perfectly with this body, but the problem areas are more than covered up by the coat and because they are rolled up, there is no clipping with the boots whatsoever.

David @ TMD January 18 - 3 blog
Occasionally you’ll find a reasonably priced item where the creator hasn’t bothered with individual colour versions and just threw in a generous colour hud as standard. This classic cardigan by ILLI is a great example of that. You can apply one colour to the whole cardigan or pick a contrasting colour for the trim. I love its quasi plunging neckline and knitted textured. In the absence of a Nardcotix version, I worked with the TMP version this time. For the jeans and sneakers I went with Deadwool.

Deadwool Broberry Jeans on NX

I’ve used the TMP version of their Broberry jeans and though the top is covered by the cardigan, I played with my shape a bit to make the jeans fit almost perfectly. For their sneakers there’s an unrigged version you can play with till they fit.

David @ TMD January 18 - 4 blog
This coat from Gabriel comes complete with a hoodie, black leather gloves and a scarf. It includes a hud with some options for the hoodie and scarf and you can even put your hands in the pockets. In this case the entire body is covered, so there’s no need to actually wear your mesh body,  I’m just wearing the alpha layer and my mesh head. One of the options of this coat is to take off the scarf and in that case you will have to wear your body because ideally you probably will want a neck instead of your head floating in empty space, then again if that’s the look you are going for, just do it. As for the size of the coat, I think the Belleza version was the most well behaved one. I completed the look with a pair of chinos and boots from the “Sexy Riders Set” gacha at Gabriel.

David @ TMD January 18 - 5 blog
Etham came to TMD with a somewhat predictable jacket and t-shirt combo in their recognisable style. Okay, so perhaps that wasn’t the most enthusiastic sounding introduction, but I do rather like this simple design. However, I’m a bit puzzled that Etham didn’t include a Nardcotix size for this. They have been doing so for their other releases for a while now, but perhaps they’ve lost interest in this body, which is a shame. On the other hand, the TMP version seems to be working rather nicely. As with any Etham design, if you want it to balloon a little less, you need to decrease your tummy and butt and love handles. In other words: hit the gym!

The current round of TMD runs till the end of January.


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