Go Straight To Jail…

Since a couple of months now, the newest menswear event on the grid is Men Jail. I’m not sure how I feel about that name and the vibe that goes with it. Romanticizing crime is all good an well till you become, as the British euphemism goes, one of Her Majesty’s guests. Before you know it, that turns into a dragged out and milked dry TV-series involving a full body tattoo which holds the key to a prison break plan. You escape, you go back in, you escape, you go back in, rinse and repeat. Still, it’s only Second Life, so lets not get too serious. I’ll leave it up to you to mull it over a bit while we take a closer look at the content. As far as events go, this one is heavy on poses and tattoos and manly items with a strong homoerotic undertone and somewhat light on clothing.  While I mildly  appreciated many of the items in the January edition, there was only one thing that really caught my attention and it’s not hard to see why.

Exalted has a daring jumpsuit at this round of the Men Jail Event. They call it a jumpsuit, but I’m not sure if that is technically correct in this case. It looks more like overalls or dungarees. Such a funny word that is, by the way. Dungarees. Dun-ga-rees. Oh, I’ve said too much now! It’s gone weird.

Dungaree Billy 2c

Anywhoo, you can either wear them with most of your ass hanging out or for a more modest look you can switch on the built-in briefs. You can also get a tank top which has been especially made to go with the dungarees perfectly. After a bit of rummaging in my underwear drawer, I found that the Noche Metallic Thong and Essential Core Thong in size zero both work perfectly with either just the dungarees or when you are wearing the tank top as well.

Dungaree Billy 2b blog

The location for my little photo shoot this time was the Nonstop sim, which quickly changed from their winter wonderland scene to an exotic secluded holiday paradise in what seems to be a desert oasis. The vibe is shabby chic and old-wordly and couldn’t be further away from my everyday life in Stockholm if they tried.

This round of the Men Jail Event closes on January 28th, so if you haven’t been yet, you better get your ass over there now.


PS: I’ve used the Signature body for this blog post, but I have also I tried the dungarees and tank top on the Belleza body and it all seemed slightly too loose, as if the rigging wasn’t quite where it should be.

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