Taking David to MOM January 2018

First a little disclosure: yes, I am on the NX-Nardcotix blog team now, but I have been blogging about the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body on my own steam and money for some time and I’m not about to start showing clothes on it that look good from one angle only. With that out of the way, lets continue with some fashion amuse-bouche from this round of Men Only Monthly, combined with something old and something new and absolutely nothing borrowed.

Many sims have shoveled away the snow and are already in early spring mode, yet if you visit the fashion events, you will notice that there is still plenty of winter wear on offer. Seeing how this fleece coat by Gabriel is worn without a shirt, I regard this as a transition piece and an excellent excuse for showing plenty of skin while technically being fully dressed. You could try it without pants and hang out in a park… Perhaps not! I like the collar on this coat and the way the liner actually looks soft and warm. I wish the sleeves were either a bit shorter or just wider at the bottom, because they clip with the hands of every mesh body I have tried it with.

David @ MOM Januari 2018 - Ib blog

Gabriel offers a pair of chinos and boots at a reduced price at MOM to go with this coat, but these did not work very well with the David body. Instead I used black chinos from Gabriel’s Whimsical 2016 gacha set and black work boots from their Epiphany January 2017 gacha set. You can find these and many more sets at their main store or try to find them at gacha yards or in Marketplace. The coat works best if you use the Signature size and for the chinos and boots I am using the standard size, which will work if you have your belly at 0 % and play a bit with the sliders for saddle bags, butt size and leg muscle. There was no need to go to extremes to make it all fit.

David @ MOM Januari 2018 blog

Etham mildly and pleasantly surprises at MOM with something a little less casual and a bit sharper than usual. I liked their blazer enough to go for the fatpack and I’m so used to putting on Etham’s items that I’ve set aside a shape that I use with their jackets and sweaters. My tip there is to simply reduce your bum, love handles and tummy to stop their tops from flaring out too much at the bottom. While Etham seems to have dropped the Nardcotix size from their range, the TMP version worked easily and this blazer pairs nicely with cargo pants and sandals from NX-Nardcotix, keeping things (technically) simple. I finished off this smart casual spring day look with a pair of sunglasses from a gacha set at Deadwool. The end result has just the tiniest whiff of Miami Vice.

David @ MOM Januari 2018 - 3 blog

I mostly got this Sweater and scarf from Aitui because of its drape. In real life I have knitted plenty of scarves and I have a weak spot for knitting with thin yarn, however slow and tedious it can be, because I just love the drape of it. There is something soothing and luxurious about a knitted piece of fabric draped around your neck, forming lots of folds. The TMP version of this sweater fits very nicely on the David body, though of course very little is visible of it with this outfit. I’m wearing the sweater with the Broberry jeans and Chelsea boots from Deadwool.

David @ MOM Januari 2018 - 4 blog

Every now and again I like to wear something a little bit gimmicky, like a jacket with my hands permanently stuffed in my pockets. This leather bomber jacket by Plastix is a very nice example of that. You can wear it with or without the sweater add-on. I found that when I was wearing the jacket with the sweater it was tricky to find just the right pair of trousers. The sweater is a bit loose and floppy at the front and many trousers and jeans were showing clipping issues. Eventually it worked with skinny leg biker pants by DossiEr, currently available at the Hipster Men’s Event, which runs until February 16. Without the sweater this is yet again a piece that works very nicely with Deadwool’s Broberry jeans on the NX-Nardcotix body. There’s a hud with a generous range of colour options for the sweater and fur collar and the embroidery on the back can be switch off for those of you that prefer a more neutral look.

This round of the Men Only Event runs until February 15, so you still have plenty of time to saunter over there and wander around and pick up a little something for yourself because you’re worth it.


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