Almost missed the All Stuff Hunt!

I haven’t focused on hunting in a while now and as a result I almost missed (OMG!) the All Stuff Hunt. It ends on January 31st so I have precious little time left to find the items, unpack them, try them on, take a pretty picture and get it on here. Best not dillydally! You can find all the hints for the hunt in handy sections like Menstuff, Womenstuff etc. on Stuff’s website.

I found a wintery, possibly a little bit too Christmassy lounge shirt at Impact and a pare of loungy pants that seem to have been hit by that same Christmas stick at LooLoo & Platypus. It’s a shame they don’t colour coordinate. On the positive side, both these pieces have some nice folds and shadows going on and fit reasonably well on the Belleza Jake mesh body. The tank top from Vanbeeck’s is looking forward to Valentines Day and of course there’s nothing wrong with wearing something with a heart pattern all year round, should you wish to do so. Heck, come to think of it, wear something with snowflakes on it in the middle of August, if that’s what you like! Sadly this tank top did not come in a Belleza version so I tickety-boo quick as a cricket jumped into my Signature body.

Menstuff Hunt 2018 - 2 blog

Next up are a couple of hoodies for hockey and/or gaming enthusiasts. The “what the puck?” hoodie is from Rock ‘n Stuff and the “eat, sleep, game, repeat” hoodie is an exclusive for this hunt and can be found at D2T. You can find the classic long-sleeve under short-sleeve shirt (been there done that in RL) at Horr Menswear. I like the look of the front, but I wish it was slightly more fitted in the back, because it does stand away from the buttocks quite a quite a bit, which always has a quasi comical effect when you’re looking at it from the side.

Menstuff Hunt 2018 - 3 blog

The t-shirt from Rebellion goes very nicely with the flamed jeans from Amazing Creations, which comes with a hud containing three texture options and even a second hud to tint the jeans, so you can get creative. I always love when a couple of items from the same hunt turn out to be a very nice match. At JZ for men I picked up another one of those long sleeve / short sleeve t-shirt combos and at Stone Militaria I found a fatpack of very sharp polo shirts, all with a small emblem and in a particular colour scheme to refer to the army, coastguard, marines etc. YES SIR! LOOKING VERY SHARP SIR!

Menstuff Hunt 2018 - 4 blog

Finally, what’s better than combining two hunt items in one look? Three items! The fishnet tank top is from Emberotic, the striped shorts you will find at Trashed and the cap you can pick at Ashmoot.

Happy hunting y’all… Not that you’ve got much time left to find all this stuff.

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