Taking David to Fameshed January 2018

My NX-Nardcotix David was feeling a bit peckish. You might even say he was Fameshed, so I headed for the event as soon as it would let me in. It tends to get a bit hectic on the first day of Fameshed, so I prefer to wait till day two or three, or till the very end because I forgot about it. My goal was, as it always is when I’m working with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body, to find items that fit without requiring extreme changes to my shape. I don’t mind a bit of shape shifting of course, but I wouldn’t go from athletic hunk to slim shady just to fit in a pair of shorts. So without any further ado, let’s look at what worked this time and keep schtum about what didn’t do so well.

First up is a suit by Ascend that’s classic in style, but worn in a modern way that says: “I’m too hot for a bloody bow tie”. One never really knows which size is going to work best when the version for your particular mesh body is not included. In this case the Slink version did the trick and I played with the shape sliders just a bit to balance out the width of my hips compared to my torso. This suit comes in many colours and you can get the jacket either with or without print. Even if you go for a single colour version of the jacket, you still can choose from plenty of colours for the shirt and lapels. What I appreciate the most about this look is the plunging neckline, giving us a nice peek at that beautiful chest. If you find that your shoe closet doesn’t have anything in it to go with this suite perfectly, I recommend the “Triple Monk Shoes”, which you can find at the Ascend main store.

David @ Fameshed January 2018 - II blog
Next we’re taking a look at a sweater from Aitui with what they call a cowled throw, which essentially is a large piece of cloth casually draped around your neck. Again, just as with the Aitui sweater and scarf at MOM last month, I really like the drape on this piece. I had to rummage around in my wardrobe to find a pair of trousers that works with this sweater without poking through the sides, but eventually I found several pairs that combined nicely with it. In the end I settled on the “Jack Cargo Pants”, combined with the “Harry Long Boots” all from Ascend.

David @ Fameshed January 2018 - III blog
I don’t pay attention enough to real life street fashion to know whether low crotch skinny jeans are a thing at the moment, but that is what Legal Insanity is showing at Fameshed this month. I’m not a huge fan of this style but they are very well textured and include some nice details like a belt, a key chain and a bandanna wrapped around the upper leg for that bad boy rock ‘n roll look, or whatever you want to call it. Let’s skip right over the whole handkerchief code discussion and focus on how it often will be a challenge to make a pair of jeans work for a mesh body they were not made for. If you are able to achieve a shirtless look you can class as a little victory. By increasing the belly and saddle bags but decreasing the butt and leg muscle I was able to squeeze into these jeans without looking too shabby. To keep it light and airy, I’ve combined them with NX-Nardcotix sandals (NO SOCKS!)

David @ Fameshed January 2018 - IV blog
Lenox brought a hoodie to Fameshed and I’m rapidly becoming a fan of their work. I recommend using the Signature version and depending on the trousers you are wearing with it, you will have to play with your love handles and saddle bags to make everything fit nicely. In this case I’m wearing the Kalback high cuff jeans and it really doesn’t matter whether these fit at the waist or not, because the top is neatly covered by the hoodie. The boots I’m wearing with this outfit are from Equal and also can be found at Fameshed. To wear these successfully I used the Signature version and pulled them down a bit. I recommend you make a copy of the boots before you do this, so you don’t mess up the rigging in case you want to wear them with the Signature body afterwards.

David @ Fameshed January 2018 - V blog
To concluded this Fameshed exercise (Fameshercise?) I stayed in those jeans and shoes, pulled off the hoodie and tried on a t-shirt and jacket from Etham. The TMP version works well for this one and of course there is the usual Etham hud with a number of t-shirt colours to chose from even if you go for a single colour version of the jacket instead of a fatpack. It’s simple but effective, which is how I would describe much of Etham’s line.


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