Cupid is shooting freebies and discounts

Second Life’s annual Valentine’s Day shopping event is back because evidently we’re rapidly approaching the most fake of all holidays. It’s obviously Valen-bloody-tines effing day innit and everybody gets heart shaped things stuffed down their throats! Don’t worry, I’m not a bitter singleton, I just love to swear, fudge it! There’s not even a bank holiday connected to this dung heap of a day. But lets leave the bitchin’ and moanin’ for Mother’s Day and concentrate on the benefits of this overly commercialised day of hearts and roses and chocolates and man-oh-man, a huge bottle of wine. Actually, make mine a bag in box with a big straw stuck to the side. That’ll brighten things up a bit. However, first we need to take a look at what freebies and discounts you can score at this fabulous event.

Deadwool took some of their casual items to this event, such as the Andrew cardigan, their “damaged” pleated jeans and the Ulrich boots. Put them together and you get an outfit that’s perfect for casually cozying  up for a cuddle with your cupid and it’s all at -20% so you can be a cheap(er) date.

Deadwool @ V-Day Event 2018 - 2 blog
You can also grab their absolutely no strings attached Valentines gift, which is a version of the Chase sneakers dipped in red paint. There’s something poetic about the back of these shoes being grey. It reminds me that while love can make us stronger, it can also be our Achilles heel.

Zed @ V-Day Event 2018 blog
Crawling through the super lagged events hall, I finally reached the Zed Designz booth, which is the only other brand represented at this event that does menswear. They are giving away a couple of suits that aren’t too shabby, but just very slightly too chunky, dare I say lumpy for my taste. Let’s say that I’m 90% convinced that I do want to rummage around in their range to see if I can find something  a bit sharper. One of the suits is a casual one with an untucked shirt and a hooded jacket, but I prefer the more classic one with a vest. Both suits come with a nice hud so you can play with the textures for the tie, shirt and vest and you won’t have to wonder about which shoes to wear with these suits, as they come with a pair of manly boots. Apart from this generous gift, Zed Designz also brought a nice selection of their range to this event with a 50% discount on most pieces.

V-Day Event 2018 Mixed blog
Also worth mentioning is that Trompe Loeil has a bunch of furniture with PG cuddle animations on offer at half price, The Forge gets you ready for summer with their cute Beach Bum necklace gift and Fashiowl treats us to three sets of poses complete with props (yes, the horse is a prop, live with it).

Second Life’s annual Valentine’s Day shopping event will be on until 26 February and it will come as no surprise to you that there are plenty more gifts and discounts for items aimed at female avatars. Oh quelle surprise!


  • In the images with Deadwool and Zed clothing as well as the one with the chair from Trompe Loeil I am wearing the Signature Gianni body with Owen skin from Stray Dog (not available at the store) and Dagon hair from Tableau Vivant.
  • In the polaroid shots with the necklace and horse I am using the Deluxe TMP mesh body and head with skin appliers from Aeros, but I wouldn’t recommend getting that body or head right now. It’s been so very quiet at the TMP front, with not even a whisper about a possible update to Bento, that I just don’t feel comfortable telling people to go buy a mesh body and head for 5000 L$ each while it’s future seems non existing. However, I would definitely recommend you go take a look at what Aeros has been doing with skins for other mesh bodies and the Catwa mesh head. They’re so much more than just willy merchants! I’ve finished off this bleached blond Eurasian look with the Hysteria hair from Stealthic.

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