Dragging David to Man Cave…

by the short and curlies! Those of you that have seen the original teaser picture of this body or have flicked through my flickr page, know that it is very tempting to just lie around in the buff with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body all of the time, but personally I can only have so much free willy time till I start itching to spent some money on new threads. So with Man Cave being only three days in its current cycle, I decided to head over to that manliest of manly virtual fashion events and see if I could get something snazzy to wear. I did accidentally wander into the Kinky Event first, but that’s still in the round I already visited. Oy vey, my timing is all effed up!

Of course there is the usual overload of beards and tattoos, some hairstyles and a bit of bling scattered about in the moody industrial quasi atmospheric sales hall and this time there’s even a nifty roadworks set from Krescendo. Not that I feel the need to be reminded of a situation that slows down traffic to a crawl in real life, but there is something hot about those bright yellow diggers.

David @ Man Cave February 2018 - I blog

Now let’s dive into menswear and start of with the steady stable we know as Etham. This creator has been quite productive of late, albeit somewhat predictable. Then again, I understand that plenty of people like to have several subtle variations of what is familiar to them, such as a cardigan with a t-shirt. As always with Etham’s pieces, you’ve got to watch your love handles, butt and saddlebags to prevent the cardigan from flaring out just a little bit too much. Apart from that, even though Etham have ditched the NX-Nardcotix size, I find that the Signature or TMP version works quite well for David.

David @ Man Cave February 2018 - II blog

Breath reminds us that winter isn’t over yet, but it is getting slightly warmer and you may want to wear your coat casually off the shoulder cause you’re melting as a precious snowflake in that high noon sun, burning short but intense… At least that’s how I justify this look. There’s not really a need for a mesh body with this, if you have a system skin that matches your mesh head, because only a very small part of the neck is exposed.

David @ Man Cave February 2018 - III blog
From the Clef de Peau booth you can get this layered short-sleeved sweater which actually comes in an NX size, hooray! Even with a single colour version you get a little hud with a couple of options for the t-shirt. It’s always nice to have something to play with, right?


I’ve paired these three tops with the Broberry jeans from Deadwool (outfit 1 and 2) and with the Exmachina jeans (outfit 3) and I’ve been making thankful use of the colour hud that comes with the new Jude ankle boots from NX-Nardcotix which are just casual enough to wear with jeans but would also work well with a suit. That’s smart. It’s casual smart! You’ll find these boots at the current round of the Men Jail event until February 28th and at the NX-Nardcotix mainstore after that.


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