What’s Eating TMP 2

After yesterday’s shock of seeing the price of the TMP Deluxe mesh body and heads plummet from 5000 to 500 L$ with not a single word of official communication about it, my suspicious mind is on high alert. If you are the kind of person who has a bit of money to play with in Second Life but always thought that the TMP body was stupendously overpriced, then maybe this is the time to get one to play with it till it breaks. There is after all a chance that things won’t work as they should for much longer, as explained in the previous What’s Eating TMP blog post. As I have owned this body since quite early on in my Second Life, I had nothing to lose by getting a whole sh*t load of the textures for their clothing line which they’re now giving away. Perhaps the fun will be short lived, but boy of boy oh boy oh boooooy am I having fun! All whats missing up there at The Shops was a big button that said: get me everything!

Interestingly the price for one of their appliers for the mesh head is still 1000 L$ for just one skin tone without eyebrows. You can either get one of their eyebrows for 250 L$, but save yourself the risk of investing more money in this head and have a look around at Aeros in their area with system skins. They actually have free eyebrow appliers for the TMP head. You’ll find them on one of the low tables. See, I keep saying: Aeros isn’t just for willies!

What's Eating TMP IV blog

Yes you are right, I sneaked the Noche metallic thong back in, cause I couldn’t resist with these very low hanging baggy trousers.

What's Eating TMP V blog

I’m very curious to see where all of this is going, because absolutely diddly squat has been going on with TMP apart from a cockeyed survey that asked questions they should have been asking much earlier. At least now something is happening, even if it is pretty strange.

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