Taking David to MOM February 2018

It’s been 11 days since I last reported on any kind of event, so it was high time to jump into the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body and go take a look at the current round of Men Only Monthly to see what’s on offer. In short I would describe as too many shoes, poses and tattoos for my liking and not enough menswear. Nevertheless I found myself some new bits to combine with older bobs (that sounds wrong!) and hey presto, here are some outfits to cover your David up with should you ever feel the need to do so. After all, public willy waving is frowned upon at most places, even in SL.

Breath is showcasing something at MOM and calls this a shirt, but what’s in a name? I could easily call this a jacket and get away with it. I slipped into the muted green version, which has nice decorative stitching on the sleeves and a graffiti style print on the back that says “of the madness”, whatever that means. There weren’t any new jeans or trousers at this round of MOM that I could make work with this jacket or body for that matter, so I went for the trusty Broberry jeans from Deadwool, paired with NX-Nardcotix newest pair of ankle boots which very nicely pick up on the green tint of the jacket. You’ll find these shoes at the current round of Men Jail and of course at the NX-Nardcotix main store after the event has ended.

David @ MOM February 2018 II blog

Moving on to Aitui, we are seeing a blazer with rolled up sleeves and a t-shirt. Isn’t that lovely? Something for the warmer weather! How de-light-ful! Sure, let’s ignore that currently my real life has been turned into a winter wonderland again. That’s what Second Life is all about, no? Ignoring reality? What I couldn’t ignore was that with some sudden moves of my Animation Override, I noticed the back of my upper arms going through the fabric of the sleeves, but mostly this blazer is a nice fit and I would recommend using the TMP size for maximum comfort. I made good use of Deadwool’s Broberry jeans and NX-Nardcotix Jude ankle boots again, going for the pale blue “lapis” version of the jeans and the boots in a nice warm camel tone. Having the fatpack of both of these items make them the ideal combination to use with all sorts of smart casual looks.

David @ MOM February 2018 III blog

The creator of Etham is quite the busy little bee, churning out one nice jacket after the other. This time around it is a slightly longer coat with the usual hud to change the colour of the t-shirt and buttons. At this point they’re not going to surprise anybody any more with this kind of work, but at least they’re dependable and surprises can be nasty little things. I didn’t bother with trying to surprise you either and stuck with my jeans and ankle boots. If you don’t like it, just skip to one of the many blog posts where my ass is hanging out.

David @ MOM February 2018 IV blog

I’m finishing off this round of David @ MOM by showing  you this casual blazer with built-in shirt and vest from A&D. At the bottom of the vest there is a bit of bare skin showing but in the poster for this jacket and vest that particular gap is covered with a belt buckle, which probably is available at A&D’s main store. I don’t mind a tiny bit of teasing skin down there though, it goes nicely with the open buttons at the top of the shirt, but realistically the shirt should have been a bit longer.

That’s it for now. I believe that yet again the myth that there are no clothes for this body has been successfully dispelled. I agree that it takes a bit more effort and you have to try on several size versions till you find the one that works best, but you definitely can use this body for more things than being naked.


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