What’s Eating TMP 3

Extra! Extra! The free fall continues! Last week the price for the TMP mesh body and heads took a spectacular and somewhat suspicious nosedive from 5000 to 500 L$ and now the skin prices have been slashed in half. The avatar I once paid 11.250 L$ for is now achievable for 1.750 L$. You can even safe yourself another 250 by NOT getting TMP’s eyebrows. Instead, head over to Aeros and take a look in the area where they keep their system skins. You will see some low tables there with appliers for the TMP mesh head and among those (lo and behold!) you’ll notice a free eyebrow applier. You’re welcome! Oh, and don’t come crying if you landed in the willies’ department first.

I remain on the fence about this slashing of prices. As someone who from time to time has blogged about looking your best for less in Second Life, I should feel elated to be able to pass on this happy news, but there are too many uncomfortable question marks surrounding this sudden sale. TMP’s Facebook page known as “The Shops” doesn’t even mention this sale. Very suspicious indeed! Clearly open and honest communication is not their strongest point and allegedly it is hard to get any kind of support from TMP. There website has always been a dud and on top of all that there is the strange situation of TMP running everything on their own servers. I still don’t know what this means for the body and head if these servers go offline. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if in less than half a year from now someone will be flicking the off switch and we’ll see what happens. My advice for now would be to not invest too much money in this and save copies of your body, head(s) and TMP clothing with the different skins and textures on them, because if something will stop working after server shutdown, it is most likely going to be the StyleMode hud.


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