What’s Eating TMP 4

Let’s continue this TMP story while I’m on a roll. If you haven’t read any of my previous posts on the subject yet, I should probably repeat that they aree having a big sale. I haven’t seen any official adverts for it and not even a group announcement has been sent out. Now one of SL’s most well known bloggers, Strawberry Singh, has picked up on it as well. She asked the “LifeHelp” person (#DeadHelp) at TMP whether this was a temporary sale or if this price change is going to be permanent and she was told that as far as they knew, the sale was temporary. It must be such a rewarding thing to be part of TMP’s LifeHelp team, especially if you enjoy passing on wishy washy information.

This brings me to the other misinformation being spread in SL about the TMP body. People seem to think that nobody is making any clothes for it anymore. Actually, some people go as far as to say that nobody made any clothes for it ever. I imagine them being high placed members of the Alternative Facts Club. In all fairness, I should say that support from creators for the TMP body has been fluctuating and nice underwear brands such as Noche and Dufaux have stopped rigging their saucy little numbers for the TMP derrière. Admittedly, in the past there have been times where much to my chagrin I couldn’t make a nice tank top, a t-shirt or a pair of shorts work for this body. However, looking at a recent blog post about Men Only Monthly, the tops from A&D, Etham and Aitui which I purchased at this event all came with a version rigged for the TMP body. The Deadwool Broberry jeans I’m wearing them with are hugging my peaches perfectly and shoes aren’t an issue with most mesh bodies most of the time anyway.

What's Eating TMP VII bog

I went back to Men Only Monthly for a second sweep and found myself a nice pair of sweatpants from BrunStyle, perfect for lazy Sunday mornings.

What's Eating TMP VIII blog
From the Invictus booth I got a denim shirt and pair of shorts, perfect for those early evening strolls along the beach when the sun starts dipping under the horizon and the breeze makes it a bit too cold for just a pair of swim trunks. And with that, I’m walking off into the sunset.


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  1. hello, thank you for all this tmp info. I have a question about the tmp eyes. Is it possible to get eyes from other stores that could fit tmp mesh head? Or we simlly have to use the eyes that tmp shop made?


    1. Hi craig. There are several options.
      1. wear your “system” by using the alpha layer that hides everything else. It’s named Whole body w/ standard eyes.
      2. use one of TMP’s eye appliers. Once you have purchased one of the 4-packs they will be available in the StyleMode hud under the symbol that looks like an iris. You need to wear the Whole Body alpha with this. If you want to remove the applier simply click the unstyle button.
      3. wear the whole body alpha and use mesh eyes. Look at my first What’s Eating TMP post for an example of that.


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