What’s Eating TMP 5

*VOICE-OVER* Previously in What’s Eating TMP: Billy found himself surprised and puzzled at the sudden change in direction from TMP. First he was dismayed at the removal of the free body and then pleasantly surprised though somewhat alarmed at the sudden drop in price for a Deluxe body and head from 5000 to 500 L$. His bewilderment continued as he saw all the boutique clothing being thrown at people for free (and he got everything!). It didn’t come much of a surprise anymore after that however, when the skin price went down 50 % as well. What will he be looking at next?

Right, let’s stop referring to myself in the third person now, Second Life is disorienting enough as it is. I wanted to show a combination of an up-to-date bento mesh head with the TMP body as an alternative to getting a rigid non-bento TMP mesh head. Give the Aron head from Akeruka a try. It automatically comes with a set of both Omega and TMP body appliers so you can easily use the head’s default skin and match your body to it. As in so many cases when you start combining a mesh head from one maker with the body from another, you will notice a neck seam. Usually this will be most prominent at the back and depending on the windlight you are using, it can range from hardly noticeable to very obvious. For this example I stepped away from the standard Akeruka skin and applied one from 7 Deadly S(k)ins to increase the individuality of this look. 7DS is one of the few places that have Omega appliers which will work with this head as well as the matching appliers for the TMP body. The price tag is around 2500 for the head, which comes without animations. You can purchase an animation hud for it separately which brings the total price to a little over 5000. Of course once you decide to move on from the TMP body to another one, you will be able to keep using this head.


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