Dabbling with Geralt I

All of a sudden, there it was: a new mesh body and head from Signature and I hadn’t even heard anything on the grapevine about it. Meanwhile SL residents started muttering among themselves and it is clear that people don’t see the immediate need for yet another mesh body and are worried that this will slow down continuous improvements of the existing Signature Gianni body and head. I took a look at the demo version before finally biting the 7.000 L$ bullet to start dabbling for ernest with Signature Geralt, because I do like a challenge and always appreciate something different.

The first impression I got from this body, is that it clearly is a product from the Signature stud farm, but Geralt has a less robust look than Gianni. His pectorals are smaller with very perky nipples that look like you could cut glass with them. You can moan about “rocket areolas”, or you can accept that it’s not about being better or worse but being different. Ask yourself what would be the use of there being more than one mesh body on the grid, if we are all going to aim for the same idea of what constitutes perfection? Try to imagine how boring Second Life would be if one particular definition of perfection would be our only choice? I better stop myself from going off into a proper lecture and point out that Geralt’s butt can be made significantly bigger than Gianni’s, to the level of dragging something along with you that will always arrive five minutes later at a party. Much like Sir Mix-A-Lot I like big butts and I cannot lie, but I tend to not lean towards the extremes, so I’m keeping that butt slider at a modest 45.

Dabbling With Geralt I blog

For my first look I stuck with one of the lighter tones of the standard skin that comes with the body and head, adding a scattering of freckles from Avenge to go for that über ginger appearance. The Geralt head comes with its own eyes, but I am not a fan of those at all. They look hard and lifeless and one friend of mine described it as a very disconcerting Stepfords Wives’ stare. Fortunately you can easily hide these eyes and wear a nice pair of mesh eyes from another creator. I do like the built-in and tintable hairbase, eyebrow and beard options and these made it very easy to complete a striking ginger look. The shape is of course the result of a lot of playing with the sliders and it is nice to see that just by doing that and not adding all that much else, the end result looks quite different from the Signature promotion images.

Dabbling With Geralt III blog

In therms of clothing, much of what you may have in your closet for the Signature Gianni body will NOT work. Forget about using your existing underwear or wearing the Deadwool Broberry jeans to give just an example. On the bright side, Signature did release a clothing range especially for this body and it’s also a good sign that I already saw some adverts for clothing that included a Signature Geralt size, like the sweatpants and sweater from Complex currently on sale at TMD. Last but not least I was happy to see that the Peak suit from Deadwool is a nice fit, as long as you wear it wit socks and shoes. The alpha cuts are in the right place to be able to wear this suit without the shirt and if you do wear the shirt, there don’t seem to be any issues with the neck.

I have been playing with other skin tones and skins from other creators and will be showing some of those looks in follow-up blog posts, so keep you eyes peeled (but preferably not in that scary Stepford Wives way).


  • Signature Geralt mesh body and head with original skin
  • Vermeer eyes from No Shirt Sherlock
  • Hysteria hairstyle from Stealthic
  • Sweatpants by Complex @ TMD
  • Boxers, tank top and jeans shorts are part of the new line of Signature clothes made for this body
  • Suit and shoes from Deadwool

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