Sweats & Pants Day with David

Instead of taking the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body to one of the monthly fashion events to get him dressed, I thought I’d spent the day hanging out at home in sweatpants and underwear. Trying to pull off that shirtless look with a pair of sweatpants that wasn’t specifically rigged for the mesh body you are using, is not for the faint of heart. You will have to modify your shape and there will be some gaps and many sweatpants just won’t fit at all. In short: it’s sweaty business. The numbers you’ll be working with the most are your belly, saddle bags, leg muscle and butt size and it will always be a combination of adding a little here and reducing a little there and of course making use of your alpha hud.

Sweats & Pants Day with David I blog

First up are MGmen‘s latest pair of sweatpants currently available at TMD till the end of March and presumably at their main store shortly after. These sweatpants are part of a set with a jacket, a t-shirt and a bionic arm. I am wearing the pants made for Signature Gianni and to make them work my belly size is set to 19, with leg muscle at 60, butt size at 40 and saddle bags at 50. Thought I’d throw in the numbers for once, to help you out a little.

Sweats & Pants Day with David II blog

Lavarock haven’t really been on my radar much, but these sweatpants sure were a loud and clear beep. They actually come in a Nardcotix size and fit like a dream. I love the slanted pulled down look to show off the marvelous ass-ets of this body. There’s no need to mention any of my shape numbers with this one, as it will easily fit most shapes. If it looks like I can’t make up my mind about what to wear, it’s because these sweats are just so darn comfortable I don’t want to get dressed.

Sweats & Pants Day with David III blog

Ascend doesn’t specifically cater to the Nardcotix people, so with this flashy pair of sweatpants of theirs, I’m back to remodeling my shape to make them fit without busting the seams or breaking the elasticated waistband. I’m using the TMP size with my leg muscle at 77, butt size also at 77, saddle bags at 30, love handles at 25 and belly size at 18. The detail on these sweatpants is top notch and I love the colour combination of the ones with the print that I’m wearing here.

Sweats & Pants Day with David IV blog

The Blankline joggerpants were, if I chose to accept it, my next challenge. I went for the camouflage pattern as Blankline also has army boots that go perfectly with these sweatpants. So far I have been wearing my sweatpants shirtless, but since I was wearing shoes I thought I’d better put on a shirt and get some fresh air. The NX-Nardcotix tank top is the ideal choice for this outfit. Naturally as this tank was made for the body, it is a perfect fit and leaves a bit of sexy bare midriff. Belly size is set to 14, leg muscle is at 72, with butt size at 70 and saddle bags at 30. If you find your hips are starting to look a bit too wide, you can take a look at the setting for hip width and see if you can decrease it without messing up the sweatpants again. Alternatively you can broaden your shoulders a little to even things out or you can take advice from The Nanny: “the bigger the hair the smaller the hips.”

Sweats & Pants Day with David V blog

I recently picked up the “Thom pants” from Complex at TMD, where these sweatpants will be available till the end of March and after that they should be at the Complex main store. These sweatpants are a bit smarter looking than most and even appear to have a sharp crease and I particularly like the orange drawstrings on this gray/brown version. I am wearing the Gianni size here with my belly at 16, leg muscle at 48, butt size at 38 and saddle bags at 20.

Sweats & Pants Day with David VI blog

The texturing of Dufaux’s sweatpants is exquisite and I simply had to go for the fatpack because I love the option of the gold stripes. I was thrilled to see that the Gianni size works quite nicely with David. My belly size is at 18, leg muscle at 86, butt size at 54 and saddle bags at 36. From all the sweatpants I’ve tried on so far, this one has the most pronounced… eeehm… fruit basket.

Sweats & Pants Day with David VII blog

The “George” sweatpants from Etham are an easy option. They don’t include a Nardcotix size, but by using the TMP size I didn’t have to adjust my shape at all, the alpha hud did all of the work this time. They’re the perfect comfortable no fuss solution and don’t worry if the pink threatens your masculinity, it comes in plenty of colours.

Sweats & Pants Day with David VIII blog

A while ago the Mossu “boner” sweatpants were all the rage. Way too many guys were running around with a tent. These sweatpants do come with a version that looks a bit more like you’re going commando and there is also an auto boner version included, which apparently gives you a stiffy as soon as your partner get near, just like in real life… right? I got these to fit with my belly size at 22, leg muscle at at 80, hip width at 30, butt size at 57 and saddle bags at 47.

Sweats & Pants Day with David IX blog

Sadly there aren’t a lot of underwear options for this mesh body. You can go for something unrigged and then stretch, pull and squeeze the darn thing till it almost fits, but the result is never going to be as pleasing as the sight of a pair of perfectly rigged tighty whities hugging your cheeks. Thankfully NX-Nardcotix came to the rescue by designing a gorgeously simple and beautifully executed set consisting of a pair of briefs and a tank top. If you go for the fatpack, you get 11 solid colours and 5 patterns. 16 pairs of underpants is just about enough to get you from one laundry day to the next without having to let things hang loose.

Sweats & Pants Day with David X blog


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