Taking David to MOM April 2018

Here’s another one of those “Billy took David to…” stories. We’re way past the halfway point for this round of Men Only Monthly, but it’s still kinda sorta almost relevant, right? Visiting these events at the start is like wading through a river of thick custard anyway, or maybe it’s more like wobbly jello. Anyway, I snatched up a couple of items to do that exercise I like the refer to as “something old, something new, nothing borrowed and maybe something blue” with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. Pickings were somewhat slim this time, but the lack of support for this mesh body isn’t the only factor. If you ignore poses, tattoos, hair, jewelry, shapes and skins, your left with not that much new menswear. Let’s focus on what I did find rather than on what didn’t work. It’s called seeing the glass half full.

Invictus is showing a nice pair of shorts at MOM which you can wear with or without a shirt wrapped around your waist and a baseball cap clipped to your belt. I’m wearing the standard SL size here and it’s not a bad fit. It could be a bit more snug in the bum area, but that’s made up for by the excellent texturing and details. The NX-Nardcotix sandals were an obvious choice to wear with these shorts and to add to that feeling of escapism, their backpack brings a nice finishing touch to the look. You can find both these items at their main store.

David @ MOM April 2018 - II blog

Aitui has this for them very typically layered, slightly crumpled jacket, shirt and t-shirt at MOM. Several versions are available and I went for one with a touch of sunny yellow because that colour always cheers me up.

David @ MOM April 2018 - III blog

I continued my yellow streak… Oh that sounds wrong! What I mean is that I sought out that touch of sunshine again with this set from MG Men. Surprisingly I could jump straight into those trousers without adjusting my (naked) shape, which means you can easily wear them shirtless and as you can see they also work quite well with the NX-Nardcotix tank top.

David @ MOM April 2018 - IV blog

FE Style probably has been around in SL for quite a while and I think I saw something new from them recently that wasn’t rigged to any specific mesh body or even fitmesh, just plain old standard sizing. Either that, or I missed something. I think people will stand for that kind of thing less and less so I was excited to see that the shirt they have at MOM now actually includes an NX size. Usually I avoid buying the version that is shown on the poster, but in this case it was my favorite one by far. You can easily combine this shirt with NX-Nardcotix cargo pants without any glitching and it probably will work with most of your jeans and trousers.


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