Dabbling with Geralt II

Over a month ago Signature launched a new male mesh body and head named Geralt. I played around just a little bit with the demo and could see its potential, so I went straight ahead and yanked the fully functioning version into my inventory by means of the usual exchange of money and goods. Wouldn’t it be great if real life worked like that? Imagine buying food and it magically appearing in your fridge. Then again, the world is already coping with an obesity epidemic, so indulging the human tendency towards laziness probably wouldn’t be the best idea, but I digress. I didn’t waste any time and started the creation of a first look for this new body and head right away. Since then I let it sit a little in my inventory, wearing it every now and again, exposing it in both the decent and indecent sense till the time was right to create another look.

I really wish that all those creators that do these wonderful skins for the Catwa head would tweak them and do whatever it takes to make them work for the Signature heads. Stray Dog has an ever expanding range of skins but very few of those can be used on a Signature head. Fortunately I do like their “Roman” skin on the Geralt head. For the body I tried an older version of their applier first and then remembered that I hadn’t snatched up the newest one yet. Some redeliveries and unboxings later I was pleasantly surprised with how well the Stray Dog applier for the Gianni body works with Geralt. The body hair and tan line are built-in options and the face skin can be applied either with or without freckles, while the beard is a standard option for the Geralt mesh head.

Dabbling With Geralt V blog

New look for Signature Geralt with Stray Dog “Roman” skin and previous look with standard skin and extra freckle applier.


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