New Port House I

As much as I like tinkering with smaller houses like the Second Life version of the Farnsworth House or a simple guest cottage, I do enjoy getting stuck in with a bigger project. My only rule is: just let me do my thing. Real life is full of “do this, do that” and for me, Second Life has to be mostly about what I want to do.

I furnished and decorated the downstairs of the two-bedroom Roost New Port House for a friend who pretty much gave me carte blanche and no particular deadline.

New Port House II blog

Though I had nothing to do with the decor on the second floor, one of my favourite features of this house is the balcony leading from the upstairs bedroom that overlooks the living room. I can imagine stepping out on that balcony in the morning and hopefully smelling the coffee, which will have been made by whoever got up earlier (yes, Second Life is a fantasy world).

New Port House III blog

Whereas some of my other projects had a rather distinct style, and involved more research, this particular house lends itself well for my personal eclectic mix of mid century modernism and almost antique pieces with a general feeling of coziness. With the high-vaulted ceiling the N4RS fireplace gives the room a touch of grandness, while the Fancy Decor desk tones the formality down a notch. When it comes to artwork I tend to replace whatever is in the frame by something I little more personal, because it does get boring to see the same paintings everywhere you go. Now I’m just going take a nap by the fireplace and continue this house tour at a later date.


To be continued…

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