Taking David to MOM April/May 2018

So here we are again at another round of Men Only Monthly, eager to get our hot little pixels hands on the latest thing for male avatars the Second Life creative collective has to offer. The haul looked sufficiently promising to turn this into one of my styling exercises with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. I found MOM to be particularly laggy on my visit, but my shopping method is: get in, cam around, grab all demos, get out, try everything on at a quiet place and then go back to buy the things I want. Oh, and avoid bumping into bodacious big busted blondes at all cost! But now without any further ado, here’s look numero uno.

It’s always nice to be able to combine two items from the same event, like the Boho Boy coat from Aitui and the Adam chinos from Etham. You will find that the chinos work nicely with David, if you use the TMP size and adjust your shape a little. I picked up the colour accent of the coat with my dark turquoise NX-Nardcotix Jude ankle boots, which you can get at their main store. I really like the wood toggles and reinforced button holes on the coat, but I do wish it would flair out a little bit less. It’s also worth noting that depending on your personal shape, you may have to increase your muscle mass to stop your clavicles from poking through the fabric.

David @ MOM April-May 2018 - 3 blog

The Etham chinos work quite well on their own with this mesh body and as they’re rolled up, they are perfect for an idyllic quasi stylish stroll along the beach either barefoot or wearing the NX-Nardcotix sandals.

David @ MOM April-May 2018 - 2 blog

The Invictus jeans and tank top kinda almost work. I wasn’t successful at making the jeans work on their own so they don’t seem to be a good option for a shirtless look and with certain moves my shoulders ever so slightly go through my, eeehm, I want to say “bra straps.” While we’re on the subject of boobs, depending on your shape, you may have to squash the puppies down a bit if you don’t want to completely bust out of this tank. If you wouldn’t have to alpha out your pelvis to make this combo work, you would see the tiniest sliver of skin between the tank and the jeans, as we do have to alpha out that part of the body, there is a mostly unnoticeable small gap of nothingness. If I wanted to be very strict, I would say that these items do not work for this body, but the great texturing, folds and drape of both the tank and jeans put me in a forgiving mood. The boxing gloves are a nice optional detail too, though I’m not much of fighter. I happened to have some blue sneakers from Invictus that go well with this look. You’ll find these at their main store. Invictus is showing high top sneakers at MOM which seems to suggest that these will go well with the jeans, but I wasn’t able to make those work.

David @ MOM April-May 2018 - 4 blog

The Outlier overalls or dungarees, whatever you prefer to call them, are another example of something that doesn’t fit perfectly but makes up for it with nice texturing and a whole lot of sexiness, after all what good is having a slamming bod if it’s going to be covered up most of the time? There were only two versions included in the package, one rigged for the Belleza body and another one that’s fitmesh. I tested the Belleza version on the Jake body and the rigging of that one isn’t really anything to write home about either.
I think it’s going to be really difficult to find shoes to  wear with these dungarees, because they go very low over the foot and are not wide enough at the bottom to cover the top of most shoes, nor are they narrow enough to snugly fit into boots. If I wear the dungarees barefoot, they clip on the bridge of my feet. Interestingly, this is also the case on the Belleza body, so lets not put all the blame on David’s big manly feet shall we.

David @ MOM April-May 2018 - 5 blog

FE Style had a long sleeved shirt with a text print at the previous round of MOM and I guess things are heating up for them, so they more or less repeated this shirt with short sleeves this time and some new prints in the same style. The list of available sizes is long and it thankfully includes an NX-Nardcotix version. In real life I’d keep this kind of shirt for hanging out at home on lazy Sundays, wearing nothing more with it than underpants. I’m more of a boxer briefs guy, the home brand briefs of NX-Nardcotix will do very nicely, very nicely indeed for this wild resident.

That’s it for now beavers! Five outfits from one trip to MOM is not a bad haul, if you’re willing to consider that last one an outfit that is… In SL? Of course that’s an outfit!


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