New Port House II

Patrik Schumacher, top architect and ‘provocateur’ who thinks that all public spaces should be privatized and social housing should be eliminated, recently claimed that millenials are never home and have no need for a living room so they could be perfectly happy in a 25 m² studio. Of course, if that space is being used very cleverly and the materials are nice, it wouldn’t have to be a bad thing. Thankfully space is not that much of an issue in Second Life and most of us can enjoy the fantasy of decorating a spacious home. A while ago I had fun furnishing and decorating the downstairs of a two-bedroom Roost New Port House for a friend and this is the second in a series of blog posts I’ll be dedicating to it.

The main reception room in this home is so spacious it easily houses a living room with an extensive library and a kitchen diner with plenty of space to move around in and entertain. Some new bookcases have popped up on the grid lately, but I still like the somewhat older World of Wood library, complete with books and several wood textures to choose from. You also get an empty version, in case you want to use your own books or desperately need to display all those gacha collectibles you’ve been hording (you know who you are). I mentioned some of the items in this shot in my previous post about this house, but it’s worth mentioning that the chandelier and globe are both from Fancy Decor. Now, let’s zoom in…

New Port House V blog

In real life I have never had the opportunity to do that thing that posh people do. You know, they put this table behind a sofa and put fancy stuff on it and books and thingamabobs (I’ve got twenty… seriously Billy? A Little Mermaid reference? se-rious-ly?). In this house I could easily fit two large sofa’s with a table behind each of them. On the closest table in this image I had space for a lamp, books with a shiny trinket, a magazine tray and some kind of horn all by Fancy Decor. I filled the gaps with a pair of looking glasses from Apple Fall and roses from Ariskea, which I put in a different vase. Finally, the table itself is from Loft.

New Port House VI blog

Of course there’s nothing wrong with taking it a bit easy and getting a full living room suite with all your seating options covered in one shopping trip, but personally I enjoy mixing and matching. This cream sofa is from N4RS and I re-textured the cushions for that personal touch. The gray sofa is from Digs and has several more textures to choose from. You’ll find the comfy chair and coffee table at Lisp Bazaar and some of the bits and bobs such as the orchid, lamp, boxes and magazines are from Fancy Decor. The tray with candles ad a diffuser is from Lisp Bazaar and the white irises can be found at Apple Fall. A potted bromeliad from Dust Bunny adds a subtle hint of bright colour while the books with mini cactuses from Loft add a bit of prickly character to the scene. Oh and the rug is just one of my own little creations.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for the next episode in this series, in which I’ll be showing the kitchen diner and possibly the hallway.

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