Dabbling with Geralt III

For this episode of Dabbling with Geralt I experimented with the ‘Kaye’ omega applier from 7 Deadly S[k]ins and I am pleased to say that everything is where it’s supposed to be. There is no awkward nipple slip or unsightly toe shadows, so well done 7DS!

The eyebrows and facial hair are part of the skin, which has the advantage that you don’t need to apply anything extra, but the disadvantage that you’re stuck with them. A soul patch is not for everyone, even less so when you’ve heard someone call it a flavor saver. Just to be clear, personally I do like it (the soul patch, not the alternative name).

Dabbling With Geralt VII blog

It’s nice to see that clothing for Geralt is starting to appear at stores and events. Legal Insanity has a nice pair of baggy jeans shorts at Men Only Monthly till 15th April and at their main store soon after. A while ago I found a cute funny tank top from 7 Mad Ravens at an event, which is available at their store now. Signature’s own flip flops for Geralt go very nicely with this outfit and you’ll find those easily enough when you go take a look at the body and head at their store.


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