Taking David to TMD May 2018

It was high time to dedicate another shopping trip to the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. First I took a look at Fameshed, but the current round doesn’t seem to have much menswear, so I turned my attention to this month’s TMD, which looked quite promising with more clothing and less tattoos and poses this time, or maybe that’s just my first impression and as we know, anecdotal evidence is not undeniable proof (do we?). Trying everything on sure was a rocky road, but I managed to enrich David’s wardrobe with some nice pieces.

I think most of us like it when we can come away from one of these sales events with some items from different creators that can be combined easily. Etham‘s newest jacket goes nicely with the chinos from TonkTastic, provided you choose colours that don’t clash of course. I didn’t have to rummage around in my virtual closet too long to find a pair of shoes that works with these chinos. As they are quite wide at the bottom, I think you will have plenty of shoe options. I went with the NX-Nardcotix Jude Ankle boots, available from their main store where you will also find the body. The cordovan of the leather goes well with the muted red of the jacket and the style of these boots slightly pushes the outfit more towards a smart casual look.

David @ TMD May 2018 - 2 blog

With a tweak here and there, I was able to squeeze my shapely pixel butt into the TonkTastic chinos and wear them topless. Go barefoot or wear something light on your feet like the NX-Nardcotix Metalic sandals and you’re all set for a solitary reflective stroll along the beach, with the soothing sound of crashing waves and the occasional seagull going “mine”. The classic size of the chinos seems to work best with this body

David @ TMD May 2018 - 3 blog

Clef De Peau keeps extending their clothing line and are showing a jacket at TMD this time, though you could be forgiven for storing this in your folder with sweaters. An NX size is included, so no worries there and if you’re looking for something to wear with it, the NX-Nardcotix Finlay cargo pants and Deadwool Chase sneakers are a safe choice. Use the Signature size for the Chase sneakers and just blank out your feet and your aunt Margaret is married to a geezer named Robert, i.e. Bob’s your uncle.

David @ TMD May 2018 - 4 blog

The set from MGmen’s isn’t a perfect fit for David. You’ll get away with wearing the sweat pants topless quite easily once you make some minor changes to your shape, but the top is more problematic around the neck. You need to use the standard size and depending on your personal shape you may have to bring down your muscle mass, neck thickness and overall body thickness a lot to make it work at all, let alone get it perfect. The bright side of this story is that the top and bottom are sold separately and it looks good with Gabriel‘s roll down boots.

David @ TMD May 2018 - 5 blog

For the track suit from Vexiin I could pretty much repeat what I wrote about the MGmen’s set, but I had to reduce my muscle mass even more to make the cuffs fit my arms and then the t-shirt was still clipping on my neck, which you don’t see in the picture because I got lucky with my pose. On a bright note, you get a hud with some colour choices for the boxer briefs, which is nice cause you do see a lot of them.

David @ TMD May 2018 - 6 blog

Last but not least, I’m showing a ridiculously well textured pair of jeans and walking boots from Cold Ash. I recommend wearing the TMP size and of course playing with your shape till it works. Go ahead and be generous with that slider for your butt size! I’m sure I could find a shirt to got with these jeans, but why would I?


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