L’Homme Magazine Group Gifts May 2018

This time I was determined not to wait till the last moment to go find the L’Homme Magazine readers group gifts and I gathered them all as soon as they were available after the release of the new fabulous issue of the magazine. Of course time did get away from me after that and here we are already rapidly nearing the end of May before I finally was ready to hit the publish button. There is something for everyone… Well okay, maybe not for orcs, princesses or Lilliputians, bur for almost everyone else there is something. These are a few of my favourite things.

First up is a deliciously wildly patterned suit from Bakaboo. You can try combining the top with a more simple pair of trousers, or go all out and wear the trousers that come with it for a dizzying effect. Browsing my existing footwear options, I settled on the Tripple Monk shoes from Ascend to wear with this suit.

L'Homme Magazine Gift May 2018 - 2 blog

The cowboy hat and long hair from no.match are great for creating a rugged sultry sexy cowboy look. I used it as excuse to walk around shirtless, showing off the NX-Nardcotix David Mesh body with the Clef De Peau applier, combined with a Catwa Stanley head. If you’re looking for a new pair of jeans, the new ones from Ascend currently shown in the May round of TMD are a very nice choice. I love the texturing on these jeans and you can wear them with or without the belt.

L'Homme Magazine Gift May 2018 - 3 blog

Stray Dog was a bit quick to remove their previous gift, about two weeks before the release of the new issue of L’Homme Magazine, but it’s nice to see they’re donating a group gift again for the current issue. The Zack skin in Buttermilk tone has very light eyebrows, perfect for achieving a Scandinavian look and comes with some options like lipstick marks, bruises on the neck (from wearing a choker) and freckles. The applier only works with Catwa mesh heads and you will have to purchase the matching body applier if you don’t have it yet. Stray Dog has appliers for the Signature and Belleza mesh bodies which all automatically come with body hair, freckles and tan line options. In this example I’m using the Belleza body with the Catwa Stanley head, my own shape and the ‘Haunting’ hairstyle by Stealthic.

L'Homme Magazine Gift May 2018 - 4 blog

You can drastically change your look with this same skin by using the version without brows and applying a pair of brows from the main hud for your Catwa head or any other brows of your choice and slapping on the ‘Rock of Ages’ facial hair, which is the L’Homme Magazine group gift from Mister Razzor Barbershop. To complete this bad boy look I used the ‘Obscura’ hairstyle from Stealthic is a nice choice for this bad boy look.

L'Homme Magazine Gift May 2018 - 5 blog

The last gift I wanted to show is this ‘vest’ by Meva. One could be forgiven to call this a harness and I don’t really have anything in my wardrobe that goes with it, so yes I am naked apart from the vest. This item wouldn’t look out of place in certain club scenes or roll play areas and Meva probably has trousers that combine well with it. Mostly I just wanted to show because it hot.

There are several more gifts and you’ll find the full list in the L’Homme Magazine May issue. To get landmarks to the participating stores, you can leaf through the magazine at your leisure till you come across an advert or spread for one of them and click on the store’s logo. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of shopping inspiration for both your avi and your home along the way.

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