Exmachina Davide Full Bento Avatar 2.1

The ‘Davide’ mesh body by Exmachina (one could be forgiven to think it’s by Egoism) has been updated yet again, but there aren’t any new features this time around, just a couple of bug fixes, which is always a good thing. It’s worth mentioning that since the previous update a headless version of the avatar is included which you should be able to combine with most mesh heads according to the change log, but I must be missing a trick or something because I personally have not been able to manage it without a neck seam or gap that’s noticeable from a distance. NO mister director, I am NOT ready for my close-up!

So I will be sticking to the full avatar and I like using a skin from 7 Deadly S[k]ins with this avatar, like the Gav skin in the caramel tone. Another bit of good news is that Legal Insanity recently released a pair of jeans shorts and a tank top that includes an Exmachina size. Hopefully some more creators will follow this example. This body could really do with some very nice undies or swimwear.


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