What’s Eating TMP 7

whispers: This is your trusty reporter Billy Beaverhausen visiting yet again The Shops to see if there’s any change in the situation. It looks like everything is still as first reported on February 21st in my “What’s Eating TMP” post. Bodies, heads and skins are sold at 500 L$ each and all the clothing from The Boutique is free. If this is the first post you’re reading of this series, I suggest you go back to the start to get the necessary “buyer beware” information before you go buy a TMP body and/or head.

What's Eating TMP XII blog
TMP Deluxe mesh body and “soft” mesh head with “Axel” skin in tone #3, Tram F1011 hair and Noche swim trunks. Be careful with the Noche range, the newer items do not support the TMP body. Make sure to demo first.

Right, I’m back on my platform so I can quit the conspiratorial whispering and tell you loud and clear that you need to keep in mind that the bodies are not Omega compatible, so if for instance you want to combine it with a Catwa mesh head, you need to look for a skin creator who creates Catwa appliers and a matching TMP applier for your body. Aeros is an option which I used in the previous blog post of this series and they even have a couple of appliers for the TMP head, which you can find in the area where they keep their classic skins. With a bit of searching I’m sure you’ll find more options.

What's Eating TMP XIII blogTMP Deluxe mesh body and “soft” mesh head with ‘Leonardo’ skin by Swallow, the Chae hair by Aeros and 4BIDDEN underwear. Total cost of body, head, skin and hair is 1551 L$.

If you’re looking for a bargain and like something youthful, then I recommend you take a look at the Swallow Marketplace store. They have the Leonardo Ivory Freckles TMP Head Applier for just 1 L$ and the full compliment of appliers for the TMP body in 9 skin tones will set you back only 250 L$. This skin has it’s own eyebrows, which is great because it means you don’t have to purchase and apply any, on the other hand it does mean you’re stuck with them. The brows are quite light though and will look good with most hair colours. Speaking of hair, this skin does not come with a hair base, so you will have to go look for one. The rather wild ‘Chae’ hairstyle from Aeros comes with a very nice hair base applier for TMP. A word of caution in case you fancy another hairstyle from Aeros: not all of them include a hair base.

That’s the basics taken care off! Now let’s see what’s at the current round of the Men Only Monthly event to get an idea of where we are with creator support for the TMP body. If you’re reading this after June 15th, just go look for the items at the respective main stores instead.

What's Eating TMP XIV blog
T-shirt with suspenders and jeans at MOM, worn with Deadwool Chase sneakers. This set includes a TMP size, but it was made to be worn together. Wearing the jeans without a top is problematic.

What's Eating TMP XV blog
Hair by Vango and jacket with shirt by Aitui, both at MOM. The jacket includes a TMP size, but depending on your personal shape you might have to flatten your pecs a bit to make it work and there’s quite a lot of tenting going on in the back, so a smaller bum probably is preferable too, so the fabric comes down somewhat.

What's Eating TMP XVI blog
Work overalls by Gild at MOM, worn with sneakers from a gacha set at Semler. The overalls don’t come in a TMP size, so I’m making do with the Slink version and some shape adjustments.

What's Eating TMP XVII blog
Sweater by Etham at MOM, paired with chinos also from Etham. Most of Etham’s range works well with the TMP body, but you need to decrease your but size for some of their items, or your ass will be arriving at the party 5 minutes after you’ve made your grand entrance.

What's Eating TMP XVIII blog
I’m keeping it simple for the next outfit by swapping out the sweater for a lighter shirt by FE Style at MOM. They have only recently started adding the TMP size to their range and the chest area of this shirt is just slightly too much moob and not enough chisel. The drape of the fabric is fabulous though, as are the bold colour choices and you can of course decrease your pecs for a flatter effect.

What's Eating TMP XIX blog
Considering that these three quarter pants from Bebop at MOM don’t come with in TMP size, I think they fit quite well. I suggest you try the NX-size and take it from there to make some adjustments to your shape if needed.

That’s me done for this episode of What’s Eating TMP. Who knows what will happen with this body and head in the (near) future, but I still like taking it out for spin every now and again.

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