equal10 June/July 2018

Men in SL often complain about the uneven divide between male and female items at the various events that keep the avid shoppers among us well occupied and the virtual economy healthy. Of course we have a couple of events devoted to male avatars only, but hey what can I say, we’re greedy? equal10 has the ambitious approach to split everything right down the middle. 10 male clothing designers, 10 female clothing designer, 5 female hair designers, 6 male hair designers, etc. If you want to see the full list and equal10 philosophy, check out their site. Not tying myself to shopping for any particular mesh body this time, I made this a nice relaxing shopping experience, getting things I really liked.

The summer suit isn’t the only item Gabriel is showcasing at the event, but it is an exclusive for equal10. I assume that means it will not be available once the event has ended. I can’t wait till someone asks me where I got it and I can go “you will never get this, you will never get this” in an annoying sing-song voice. This casual chic suit is a great option for staying true to the season without wearing t-shirts and shorts all the time. Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni sizes are included. Price 380 L$.
(Body: Belleza Jake. Head: Catwa Stanley. Skin: standard skin for Belleza body + matching applier for Catwa head, all included with body. Hair: Stealthic ‘Hysteria’. Footwear: Belleza ‘Andrei’ sandals.)

Exalted at equal10 June-July 2018 blog
ExalteD also stays true to the season with a sleeveless denim jacket complete with a collection of patches to choose from to put on the back of it, or you can just leave it blank of course. I like the frayed armholes, suggesting that this vest may have been a jacket at some point and the sleeves have been rebelliously torn off. Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni sizes are includes. Price 249 L$.
(Body & Head: Signature Gianni. Skin: Stray Dog Owen for the head, is not available. You can get the body applier and one of the few appliers that will work with a Signature head, like ‘Roman’ for example. Appliers for Catwa heads will NOT apply to the Signature head. Hair: Tableau Vivant ‘Dagon’. Jeans: Riot ‘Wade’ jeans. Footwear: Deadwool ‘Chase’ sneakers.)

Gutchi at equal10 June-July 2018 blog
Gutchi takes us to the racing track with this jacket for a sporty chic look. It comes with a hud containing 8 colours which can be applied individually to the main fabric, pockets, stretch fabric and patches. You can also take off the patches to transform it to a much simpler, cleaner look. Bellezake Jake and Signature Gianni as well as Geralt sizes are included. Price 389 L$.
(Body, head, skin, hair and jeans same as with ExalteD vest)

Noche at equal10 June-July 2018 blog
makes a splash with a new pair of swimming briefs a.k.a. speedos. I had been hoping for something like this ever since I got the Belleza body, because Noche’s older swimming trunks were made for TMP only. These new ones include Belleza and Signature Gianni versions with four bulge sizes to choose from and while we’re on the subject of choice, the fatpack hud has 19 textures for the speedos, 10 for the drawstrings and 4 metal options for the eyelets and drawstring ends. Materials are enabled, so you can see some very nice folds, shadows and outlines. Price for fatpack 1399 L$.
(Body, head, skin, hair and jeans same as with ExalteD vest)

All in all equal10 is a pleasurable shopping experience, especially if you appreciate an 80’s computer game backdrop with a touch of Miami Vice to it. The event runs from 10th June till 5th July and if you fancy any of the four items I’ve just shown you, there are a couple of boards with transporters to the individual booths so you don’t have to drag your pixel feet through a stream of rubbery lag.

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