Dabbling with Geralt V

7 Deadly S(k)ins just released their June group gift and I applied it to the Signature Geralt mesh body and head straight away. 7DS used to work with separate appliers for heads and bodies, but their newer skins now come as a packaged deal. The gift includes a skin with and one without eyebrows, which is great. For the time being there is a little hiccup. When I tried to apply the skin with eyebrows, it only applied to the body and not the head. That’s just a little hiccup, right? I raised the issue in the 7DS group chat and a friendly admin reached out to me and the wheels are set in motion to fix this. Meanwhile I used the browless skin and applied brows, hair base and beard from the Signature hud.

The difference between this skin and other 7DS skins I have tried on Geralt isn’t extreme, but it’s just different enough to stand out from the crowd, providing you personalize your shape, get some good hair and eyes. As always I’m happy to report that nipples and toes are where they’re supposed to be and you don’t need an Omega relay with the Signature body, as it’s naturally Omega ready. (Hair: Vango ‘Matt’. Eyes: NSS Vermeer mesh eyes).

Dabbling With Geralt XI blog

I had a quick look around for something new for Geralt to wear and found a super tight buns-hugging pair of trousers and equally form fitting t-shirt with rolled sleeves from David Heather at the current round of TMD, which runs till the end of June. After that it should be available from the David Heather main store. If you check out the demos of other items there, you will notice that the more resent releases support the Signature Geralt body. Let’s hope they keep it op, because I like that sharp tailored look. The flip-flops are Signature’s own for this body and the hair with the hat is from Vango and currently shown at Uber till 23th June.

Just keep on dabbling people, I know I will.

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