Akeruka Group Gift June 2018 – Episode 2

This is day two with the new ‘Leon’ Deluxe mesh head from Akeruka, which currently is their temporary group gift. If you aren’t in their group yet, head over to the store and slap that group sign! The joining fee is 150 L$ and you only have until 1th July to grab this gift. Yesterday I showed my first styling exercise with this new head, using it’s original skin and the accompanying matching skin applier on Signature Gianni. Today I wanted to take a look at some other skins and different combinations with bodies.

First up is the enfant terrible of the male mesh bodies, the TMP Deluxe. I have dedicated a series of blog posts to this body ever since the price plummeted from 5000 to 500 L$. To understand the pros and cons of this body, I suggest you start reading ‘What’s Eating TMP’ and work your way through the related blog posts. While there still is a fair bit of clothing for this body available, skin options are dwindling fast. Akeruka does not have a TMP applier to match with their new Deluxe heads and trying to match the head to a standard TMP skin was an exercise I gave up on after 2 minutes. Before I get into talking about specific skins, I should mention that you need the Omega Relay to apply these skins to the Akeruka head. You’ll find one at the Akeruka store and they usually are 99 L$.

Akeruka Leon Group Gift 2 blog

The first skin I really wanted to look at was ‘Cain’ by Lure. At 1400 L$ this isn’t a very economical choice, but for that price you get body appliers for TMP, Slink, Signature, Adam and a generic Omega applier. To top it off you even can chose between a six pack or a less sculpted stomach. The head applier works with Akeruka, Catwa, Signature and Adam mesh heads. An Omega applier for heads is included as well and you even get one for TMP heads. It’s safe to say that if you have the TMP body now, but will switch over to another body later, this skin will be moving along with you. The skin tone is used here is named ‘Cypress’ and the neck seam is near invisible.

Akeruka Leon Group Gift 3 blog

Next up is 7 Deadly S(k)ins with ‘Brent’ which is one of their newer creations. Their appliers are all omega and their newer skins now automatically include the head and body applier. However, as TMP is not Omega compatible, you will have to purchase a separate TMP applier for your body. The Brent skin sells for 850 L$ and the matching TMP applier is 350 L$. Seeing how the Omega skin includes head and body appliers, when you switch to another body you will not have to purchase a new skin. I’m using the Cotton skin tone and the seam is definitely visible but not the worst I’ve ever seen. Make sure to take a look at their group gift. The joining fee is 225 L$ at the moment and for that you can grab the Ake skin, so your total price would be 575 instead of 1200 L$. There’s a nice group gift every month at 7DS, but be advised that sometimes they do revert to a system skin for that.

I’ll be showing more head and body combinations with different skins soon and you can find some useful tutorials on Akeruka’s site.

Other credits

  • Hair 1: Dura B&G81
  • Hair 2: Vango Matt
  • NSS Vermeer mesh eyes
  • Towel (for TMP only) and bottomless briefs (for TMP and Gianni) from Noche

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