Akeruka Group Gift June 2018

Good news everybody, it’s group gift time again at Akeruka and in their case that means they are temporarily giving away a free fully functional bento mesh head. With the previous generation of Akeruka heads you had to purchase the animation hud separately, but the Deluxe range is all-inclusive.

  • Limited time offer! You have until 1st July to grab this group gift, after that it will be available at the normal price for an AK Deluxe head, which is 4999 L$.
  • Joining fee for the the ‘[AK] Heads, News & Support’ group is 150 L$. You’ll find a join sign on the wall to the right of the Deluxe heads.

Akeruka Leon is a fresh-faced handsome son of a gun and responds nicely to the shape sliders. If you first put on this head and it looks weird, keep in mind that while your shape might be fine for your system head or another mesh head, it doesn’t mean it will work nicely with this one. I created my own shape for Leon, but if you feel unsure about that, you can start with the shape that’s included in the package. If your start playing with it, make sure to save it as a copy! It’s always good idea to do that first.

You’re seeing him here with his original skin and combined with the Signature Gianni body. The package includes appliers for the Signature Gianni, Belleza Jake and Slink male mesh bodies. TMP bodies are no longer supported, but that’s not going to stop me from looking for options. These appliers have also been updated when compared to the ones that came with previous generation heads. It’s an improvement from my point of view, as the shading is more subtle and the skin is overall more detailed.

Also included are mesh eyes, teeth with a separate styling hud, braises, a tongue piercing and an animation hud. Well done Akeruka! And well done on making some tutorial videos available.

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