Taking David to MOM June/July 2018

Bravely going where no lag-avoiding avatar has ever gone before, I waded through the thick gooey invisible pixel river on the first day of the Men Only Monthly event to check out what’s happening, what’s going on and what I can squeeze the NX-Nardcotix David body into. (I’m talking about clothing!) There were plenty of items that simply didn’t work for David and there were one or two that did work, but I didn’t care for. Here’s what made the cut.

Invictus has a pair of jeans at MOM and it hasn’t escaped my attention that I already bought a pair from them at the previous round of MOM, so I deliberately went for light brown instead of more traditional blue jeans. Some minimal shape adjustment was needed to squeeze into the TMP size but all in all it’s a comfortable snug fit. These jeans pare quite happily with a tank top by FE Style, also present at MOM. The great news about that one is that FE Style recently started to offer items that have been rigged for a wider range of mesh bodies and a Nardcotix size is included. No fuss, no shape editing, just put it on! I went with an understated brown tank top, but there’s a number of very colourful striped ones to chose from. I’m keeping the outfit light with a pair of NX-Nardcotix sandals because my sim is in full bloom of early summer.

David @ MOM June-July 2018 - 2 blog
American Bazar has a pair of joggers at MOM, at least that’s what they call it. To me the texturing looks too much like a weave instead of a knit, so I’m viewing this as a comfortable pair of trousers with drawstrings. It could be cotton, it could be a light denim, but I wouldn’t go for a jog in these. With a bit of tuck here and a pinch there, I was able to make them fit. Both the TMP and Signature size can be pummeled into submission depending on which shape modification you personally find most acceptable. My NX-Nardcotix backpack holds whatever I may need for a day of discovering natural beauty and architectural splendor.

David @ MOM June-July 2018 - 3 blogFrom Hevo there’s a shirt with rolled up sleeves at MOM and I didn’t have to think long about what I was going to wear with this, as I grabbed the Hevo camo shorts I recently bought. There are a couple of texture options for the t-shirt underneath and you can also leave it off. A sporty pair of sneakers from Semler finishes off the outfit. I suggest you try the unrigged version of these sneakers, hide your feet and adjust the shoe size and move them into place till they fit without showing a gap.

That’s it for David at this round of the Men Only Monthly event. He’s a happy chappy with another 4 new items in his wardrobe but I’m sure he’ll be off to another event soon enough.


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