Akeruka Group Gift June 2018 – Episode 3

About a week has passed since I picked up the ‘Leon’ Deluxe mesh head from Akeruka, which currently is their temporary group gift. If you aren’t in their group yet, head over to the store and wack that group sign! The joining fee is 150 L$ and you only have until 1th July to grab this gift. I showed a first styling exercise with this new head, using it’s original skin and the accompanying matching skin applier on Signature Gianni and created a couple of looks with the TMP body. Now I wanted to make some quick work of putting together some looks with the Belleza Jake body.I have built up a rich back catalogue of skins from 7 Deadly S(k)ins, because they are so generous with group gifts and hunts. Their ‘Kaye’ skin works very well on both the Akeruka Leon head and Belleza Jake body. Nipples are where they’re supposed to be and there are no nasty toe shadows. I do find that with this body it is more difficult to achieve an invisible neck seam. The body has a built-in ‘neck sheath’ which you can switch on and off and it helps to blur the line in some cases, but the 7DS skin does not recognise this neck sheath, so you need to keep it off. This means you’ll have to live with a neck seam that sometimes will be invisible if you’re in a particular windlight and sometimes very visible in other lighting. The same problem occurs with other heads on this body and it’s a bit of a pain, but maybe some day someone will find the 100% foolproof solution for this, possibly around the same time that piggies go oink in the sky and the devil finds himself shivering a bit. Instead of fretting about that we could focus on the cute freckles and birth marks which you’ll find ready to apply and tint right there in the hud for your head.

Akeruka Leon Group Gift 5 blog
Next I took a look at Stray Dog. They are more known for their Catwa appliers, but if you go deeper into their store, you will find two appliers made for Logo mesh heads and these work quite well with Akeruka heads. Their ‘Uriel’ skin is one of those two, shown here on the Akeruka head in skin tone #4 (a.k.a. Buttermilk). The Stray Dog skins have the advantage of including a no-brow version most of the time. That’s what I used here and then I applied ‘Real Eyebrows’ from Identity, that way my brows match my hair colour. The Uriel skin also lets you choose between “natural” and freckles… What’s unnatural about freckles though? I felt like there weren’t quite enough freckles on the skin, so I used the so called natural one and then applied freckles from the head’s own hud. You’ll find those under Extra/Tattoo. Also great about Stray Dog is that their body appliers include a number of options, like for instance a freckled one, perfect for this red head look.

Don’t forget that you need an omega relay to apply 3rd party skins to the Akeruka head and Belleza body. You’ll find these at their respective stores. For other useful information and tutorials I refer you to Akeruka’s site.

Other credits

  • Eyes come with the head
  • Hair 1: Dura B&G77
  • Hair 2: Stealthic Obscura
  • Classic boxer shorts (for Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni) from Noche

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