SL15B Official Shopping Event

Laggy! Very laggy! That’s the first impression I got from this Official Shopping Event to celebrate Second Life’s 15th birthday. I wonder if many old timers from the first days are still around in SL today or if we have lost them all in the lag equivalent of the Bermuda triangle. I don’t really understand why there are links to different regions, as it seems to be just one big shopping gallery, except when you try to cross over from one region to the next you end up crashing… Ah, so there is a reason for those landmarks after all! Anywhoooo I persevered, as I knew that there usually are some good discounts and gifts to be found at these official shopping events and it’s only on till 2nd July so I didn’t want to dilly-dally.

Here’s where I go into inner-monologue mode…
Oh! 50% off on a lovely selection of summer items from What Next! And look at that, 50% off on some really nice pieces from Apple Fall. Let’s grab that lovely Moroccan urn for 75 L$ so I can finally put grandmama in something a bit more suitable than a shoe box. Oh that girly Moss & Mink furniture is sweet but I wonder what the discount is. A nice adult bed for 489 L$ does seem reasonable though. There you see,  Ariskea makes it nice and clear with their 25% discount signs and even a 50% discount on a new popcorn and ice cream stand, but I’ve given up on that kind of food. Keke is also being (deliberately?) vague about discounts. A lovely chair in 6 variations will set you back 145 L$, so I guess that might be a little less than what you would pay for it at their store and I decided I needed it. Okay you don’t really need anything in SL. I wanted it O.K., I wanted it! Happy now?! Right, neeeeext! Chez moi is another one that doesn’t want us to know their discount, but their patio set is only 293 L$ so that seems like a good deal.

SLB15_Ascend blog
30% discount at Ascend! O.K. I’ll take the jeans and sneakers for 203 L$ each, thank you. The necklace and bracelet in this image are gifts you’ll find at the event.

SLB15_Aitui blog

I also convinced myself I needed the ‘edgy kimono’ and a pair of trousers from Aitui for 180 and 205 L$ respectively. Again I’m wearing a bracelet you’ll find as a gift at the event and you can find the sneakers at the Vale Koer main store. These are a group gift and have a very extensive texture hud so they work with the colour scheme of almost any outfit.

SLB15 Shopping Event Gifts blog

The way that each store has another way of displaying their gift(s) makes this shopping experiencing also somewhat of a scavenger hunt, so I’m going to wish you all happy hunting and shopping and a great 15th SL celebration.


  • Akeruka ‘Leon’ mesh head, currently a group gift till 1st July 2018
  • Signature Gianni mesh body
  • Original skin for the Leon head and matching Signature body applier that comes with this head
  • Stealthic ‘Haunting’ hair

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