Akeruka Group Gift June 2018 – Episode 4

There is less than a week left to grab the temporary group gift at Akeruka. For a 150 L$ joining fee you get access to their newest ‘Leon’ male mesh head which comes with all the bells and whistles. You have until 1st July to get this group gift, after that it will be sold at the regular retail price of 4999 L$. I have been styling this head with its original skin and skins from 7 Deadly S(k)ins, Lure and Stray Dog on the TMP, Belleza and Signature mesh bodies. Today I’m returning to the Signature Gianni body and I’m using a skin from Clef De Peau.One could be forgiven for thinking that Clef De Peau only has Catwa appliers. They used to have TMP appliers which for obvious reasons they dropped when they remodeled their store. I think they also used to have a few more Signature head appliers, but now there seem to be just two, possibly three left. Perhaps it doesn’t occur to everyone to try an applier that’s labelled as “Signature” on another mesh head, but demos are free and SL is all about trial and error or in this case trial and win. Of course the body applier was made for Signature Gianni and everything lines up beautifully. Daaayum!
Leon Calvin Rawshot

Their Calvin skin works very nicely with the Akeruka Leon head and if you like heavy eyebrows than you sure are in luck with this skin. If you like them more subtle, or want them to match your hair, you can apply the no-brows version of this skin and use whatever eyebrows  you prefer, like for example the  ‘Real Eyebrows’ from Identity as shown above. The light stubble is part of the skin and the pigment spots are an option that comes with the head. Look in de hud under Extra/Tattoo for that.
Don’t forget that you need an omega relay to apply 3rd party skins to the Akeruka head. You’ll find this at the Akeruka store. For other useful information and tutorials I refer you to Akeruka’s site.

Other credits

  • Eyes come with the head
  • Hair: Vango Bobby
  • Essential Jockstrap from Noche

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