Elegant alfresco dining

Over 10 years ago I moved from Belgium to Sweden and in the course of those years I must have  noticed many small cultural differences which today I already don’t notice anymore. One of those differences is that Swedish people tend to spend more time outdoors year round, but definitely during the summertime. That particular season is quite short here, so people are making the most of it. My personal favorite aspect of summer is the abundance of daylight. At night the sky does not turn pitch dark as it does in winter, but goes indigo with a band of lighter blue on the horizon as if the sun is just playing peekaboo for a bit.

Inspired by all that outdoor living, I set up a little elegant alfresco dining scene, ready for a nice evening with friends, filled with stimulating conversation, laughter and wonderful food. Go on! What y’ur still doin’ here? Get out of the house!


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