Beached Bunny Hunt 8

It’s that time of the year again during which, according to the funny people at Evil bunny Productions, an obese rabbit got stuck in the sand because it’s behind is just slightly too buxom. See, they need to stop feeding their pets all that nasty stuff from the pet store and put them on a plant based whole foods diet! It’s like when people have an overweight dog and I’m like: hey where’s that side table going with my drink?! Anywhoooo, I digress. There’s a hunt going on from the 3rd till the 31st of July. More information and a list of hints can be found on the Evil Bunny website.

You’ll be searching for a small turquoise bucket at 67 stops and each prize costs 1 L$. You’ll find images for some of the prizes on the website, which can help you to decide whether you even want to go look for the bucket. There’s no need to search for a bucket if there’s going to be a dress in it and you don’t have the puppies to fill it out (whispers: I have tried it). Now, in no particular order, here are some of the items which I deemed nice enough to show.

The cozy little raft is from Little 2 Large. You can make it rotate, or if that makes you dizzy, just keep it still. It’s bright and sunny and has some nice single animations. Arguably it’s not the height of refinement compared with the quality of furniture that’s currently available in SL, but there’s a certain sweetness about it.

Beached Bunny Hunt 2018 - 2

Doughnuts are a death sentence! Eating something that is both sugary and fried is like begging for a heart attack. O.K. I confess, I have been binge watching clips on nutrition.  Doughnut floaties in SL however, are just pure relaxation and most probably quit good for you. You’ll find this one in three colours at the Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop.

Beached Bunny Hunt - 3 blog

One last snapshot rounds up this hunt with an elegant garden sofa from The Dark Fae, a simple but effective animated squirrel from Reality Designs and ‘hello sunshine’ letters from The Artist Shed. The bench has some texture options in it and a bunch of single and pg couple poses, the squirrel just keeps on playing with its acorn and the letters don’t do anything but look nice.

That’s it! That’s all! There’s no more. Move it along. Nothing else to see here! I didn’t find any menswear I want to show, but I do think there may have been some nice beach wear for the ladies. My hunt haul is rather small, but it didn’t take a lot of effort to find all the buckets and by now I am used to men being second class citizens when it comes to hunts in SL. Keep your expectations low and you’ll always be pleasantly surprised.


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