Taking David to TMD July 2018

The Mens Dept. event started as usual on the 5th of the month and will run until the end of July. For me this a good occasion to slip into the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body and see what I can find to enrich his wardrobe. I understand that some people say there are no clothes for this body, but simply because an item does not include a designated -Nardcotix size, it does not automatically mean you can’t make it work. My goal with this particular blog series is to find out what you can wear with this body without making ridiculous shape alterations and share these findings with other desperately seeking Davids. So without further ado, let’s get stuck in.

The Hamptons swim trunks by Tori Torricelli are a nice surprise. I wouldn’t call these exquisite, but they are well made and if you go for the fatpack, you get some amusing pattern choices. Even if you go for just one colour version, this is a good standard item to have in your wardrobe this summer. The most surprising thing about it, is that the Enzo size fits the NX-Nardcotix body very well. I did make some adjustments to my shape to allow for a tighter fit, but all in all it was pretty easy peasy lemon squeezy.

David @ TMD July 2018 - 2 blog

There are plenty of shoe options at this round of TMD. One might argue that there are too many shoes, but that might just be my personal reaction. There was a period when every time I went into town a clothing store had been transformed into yet another shoe store. I feared that soon we’d all be running around in nothing but sneakers. All nightmares aside, I do believe it’s time for David to get some new footwear and I settled on the extremely well made Demonov sneakers by Versov. I’m using the unrigged version and made my feet smaller for an optimal fit. (“Oh if only we could do that in real life!” exclaimed Mr. Big Feet.)
Of course running shoes these days are worn with just about any kind of outfit, but Riot just happens to have a pair of ‘athletic’ shorts complete with leggings at TMD this month, so if you want to go for a run and look the part, you have everything you need in one place. You’ll find that the Signature size works best for these shorts with some shape adjustments. You need to play with belly, saddle bags, hip width and butt size.

David @ TMD July 2018 - 6 blog

If you appreciate the sportswear look but aren’t much of a runner and late night walks are more your thing, then you probably will want to cover up just a bit more. Try combining the Riot shorts with the Tiller Bryson’s jacket. I turned my butt size down all the way to 0, cause it sure was dragging along in this jacket. Belly size is best at 0 too, or the jacket starts ballooning too much and in this particular case the question to the age old trick question of “does this make me look fat?” would be… Oh God, YES!

David @ TMD July 2018 - 3 blog

The creator(s) at Aitui either live in a cold climate or don’t like summer wear, because yet again they are showing a layered item at TMD. Oy vey I’m gonna be schvitzing like a schmendrick in this coat, jacket, t-shirt and scarf! But hey, it’s fashion over function, right? Also, there are always those days that start out bright and frisky till the sun has had time to get to the boiling point. All joking apart, I do like the casual looseness and drape of this item and the subtle pop of colour provided by the scarf. If it looks a bit too wide for your liking, you can lower your shape settings to make the outfit appear more fitted. The NX-Nardcotix Finley cargo pants and Jude ankle boots are a nice and easy option to wear with this coat. You’ll find these at the NX-Nardcotix main store.

David @ TMD July 2018 - 4 blog

We’re taking off the scarf and are showing a bit more chest with the Julian jacket by Etham. As usual with Etham’s items, if you go for a single colour version you will still get a hud with a bunch of colour options for the t-shirt. I always love to combine items from the same event to put together an outfit. The Gabriel suit pants from Not So Bad combine very well with this jacket.

David @ TMD July 2018 - 5 blog

If you like the idea of coming home after a long day at work and taking of your shirt and tie but keeping on your Not So Bad suit pants, than you can achieve hat look too. The TMP size seemed to work best after I increased my belly and saddle bags and decreased my hip width to even things out again.

Well will you look at that, I have reached the end of this post and somehow found my way home. Nothing left for me to do than kick back, relax on my comfy outdoor sofa, knock back a can of refreshing lemonade and watch the sunset. See you next time!


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