A Signature Look IV

For those of you that prefer a one-stop solution when it comes to combining a mesh head and body, both Signature Gianni and Geralt are prime examples of keeping it simple, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look beyond the standard skin and play with your shape till you have something that is quite different from the out-of-the-box look.

Birth currently is showcasing their first Signature head applier, named Asher, at the Signature Event till 20th July and I assume it will be available at their main store thereafter. It comes with black, brown, blond, red and no brows. I’m using the no-brow skin here and have applied ‘Real Eyebrows’ from Identity just to mix it up. There are also two tintable beard options, to add definition and ruggedness to the face. There’s no hair base included with this one, but to be honest I prefer using the Stealthic hair base most of the time, especially when I’m using Stealthic hair, as is the case now.

I applaud Birth’s effort to create something for the Signature heads and I hope that they have more of these skins in the pipeline. An applier specifically for the Geralt body would be a great idea too, because when I tried ‘Asher’ on the Geralt head it worked nicely, but when it came to the body applier, the nipples were looking a bit funky. I tried both the Gianni and Omega appliers and in both cases there were nipple issues. For now I’ll stick to using this skin with Gianni only, but I’ve got “girl look at that body” playing in my head anyway, so I’m guessing it’s all good.

Signature Gianni Birth Asher 2 bog

I went overboard with the testosterone this time and went for a more furry option, but of course the Birth skin comes with generous options for body hair and you can be as smooth as baby’s behind, if that is what you prefer.

Speaking of  smooth things, the Asher skin comes complete with a shape and brow shape, so you can wear it with minimum effort. Naturally I created my own shape, because playing with the shape sliders is one of my favorite things, along with raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, piercing green Newclan eyes and the Mossu boxer briefs.

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