Dabbling with Geralt VI

The Signature Event event has been gone for a while, but is up and running again. The current round started on 1st July and will run till 20th. It will be interesting to see if it will be followed by a new round on 1st August, but I was mostly curious about the level of support for the Geralt body at this event. There are vendors for both the Signature Gianni and Geralt body at the landing point, but I couldn’t find the heads anywhere. I guess you’ll have to “head” over to the Signature main store if you want to buy one.

First let’s take a look at skins. There are two appliers that work with the Geralt head at the Signature Event. There’s ‘Asher’ from Birth, which I already showed very recently on the Gianni head and there is ‘Aron’ by Not Found, which you can see in the picture above. Not Found don’t have their own body appliers, but they’re compatible with Clef De Peau skins, which  have been recently updated with options like freckles and tan lines. The nipples are where they’re supposed to be and there are no nasty toe shadows, but the clavicles and shoulder blades aren’t in an optimal position for Geralt. The ‘Aron’ head applier makes up for this with a bucket load of fresh-faced cuteness and I sure do appreciate the tan lines (wiggle wiggle wiggle).

Next let’s go through my shopping haul from this event. I didn’t spend any time on trying to make something fit, instead I demoed everything and retained only those items I liked and which included a hassle free Geralt size.

Dabbling With Geralt XIII blog

It makes me happy to see some new swimwear for Geralt, even if the bulge on these swim trunks from LV Designs is not for the faint of heart. This boy has been eating his veggies, that’s for sure.
Coming out of the water, it’s nice to have a big soft towel from Flow to wrap around your wet body. I went for a sporty striped version, but there are some really colourful ones on offer too. Your arms are blanked out, so if someone should wish to cam under your towel, they might ask you where your arms went. People should mind their own business! The same issue rises when one is wearing a kilt. When you say that you’ve got nothing on underneath it, you do mean that quite literally. Awkwaaaaard!

Dabbling With Geralt XIV blog

Hoorenbeek is known for putting together complete outfits and they have two of these at the Signature event. I went for the summer outfit, consisting off a t-shirt with a bold tropical pattern, a simple pair of shorts with a very well made belt, a pair of sandals, three necklaces, two bracelets and a pair of sunglasses. As you can see I chose not to wear everything, because sometimes less is more.

Dabbling With Geralt XV blog

For my next outfit I kept the Hoorenbeek shorts and combined them with a sweatshirt from Invictus and sneakers from Dossier. The crossed arms are not an animation but part of the sweater design. Naturally it comes with a hud so you can adjust the skin tone of the hands.

Dabbling With Geralt XVI blog

Millo Copperfield has a pair of jeans with open fly and visible boxers for seductively hanging out at home, or wherever you choose to pass your time half dresses. I hadn’t heard of this designer before, but I’ll be looking out for this name at future events, cause they made a good first impression on me with this item. Obviously you might not make a good first impression if this is how you go open the door when a stranger comes a’knocking… or maybe you would.

Dabbling With Geralt XVII blog

The single sleeve top from Clef de Peau doesn’t make much sense, but that doesn’t stop it from looking gorgeous and if it’s normality you are after, you can always leave the top for what it is and just get the shorts. Then again, if you are truly looking for normality, perhaps you shouldn’t be in SL… Oh wait! NO! This is the NEW normal.

Dabbling With Geralt VXIII blog

Next I’m going smart casual with a summer suit from Ascend. Technically this outfit would be just smart, but it’s the way I’m wearing it that makes it casual, with a suavely loosened tie and nonchalantly rolled up sleeves. If you’re wondering which shoes to wear with this suit, I would suggest the “Triple Monk shoes” from Ascend, available at their main store.

Dabbling With Geralt XIX blog

I really like the faded palm tree pattern on this t-shirt from Native Urban and it works quite happily with the Clef de Peau shorts and the sandals from the Hoorenbeek outfit. As always I get excited when I can mix and match items I bought at the same event. It makes that Linden buck go just a little bit further. The colour scheme of this outfit also happens to go particularly well with my platinum blond fresh faced sun kissed look.

Dabbling With Geralt XX blog

Chuck Size has a really tight fitting baseball shirt at the Signature Event, which makes it difficult to find suitable jeans or shorts for it. I ended up getting a pair of jeans shorts at their main store, but looking on the bright side at least I can report that they do indeed have these shorts in Geralt size. Chuck’s done a great job on the camouflage pattern for the sleeves, but a bunch of other versions are available of course.

Dabbling With Geralt XXI Blog

This ‘work shirt’ from Blankline looks great in a bold red and goes well with the Hoorenbeek shorts.

Dabbling With Geralt XXI Blog 2

I chose red again for a T-shirt from Complex with an pair of suspenders / belts worn in an unconventional way. The single colour version has a hud with some options for the belts.

Dabbling With Geralt XXII blog

We’re seeing red once more and I’m finishing like I started, with swimwear and a bulge. If you can’t beat them, join them, right? This complete lifeguard set from Cheerno is just so damn cute! I can see a lot of fake drowning victims in my future.

That’s it for now folks!  There’s not much time left to go visit the event but I don’t think any of the items shown in this blog post are exclusives, so you’ll be able to track them down at the main stores of the various creators. I hope this will have inspired people to dabble with their Geralt, so to speak. All that’s left to mention now is that my platinum blond locks are from Stealthic and that you can get those soulful eyes from Newclan.

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