Taking David to Man Cave July / August 2018

It has been a while since I last hit the Man Cave event in earnest, so it was a logical choice for another shopping trip dedicated to the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. The event lasts till 9th of August, so we’re about halfway through and there is hardly any lag. Truth be told, Man Cave usually doesn’t turn out great for this particular body, but I forced myself to see the glass half full and will now get on with showing you the handful of items I bought, cleverly combined with some trusty pieces from David’s wardrobe.

Aitui are becoming rather predictable with this kind of jacket and t-shirt. This time around though, there are some interesting versions with a slightly stronger pop of colour and I particularly like the one with the yellow cab. It’s not a bad fit, providing you use your alpha cuts of course and it works perfectly with the Finley cargo pants and Jude ankle boots, both from the NX-Nardcotix main store.

David @ Man Cave July - 2 blog

Fashionatic has a pair of bermuda shorts at Man Cave with a crazy number of texture choices if you go for the fatpack. Instead of a belt, the shorts have one of those fancy ropes to stop them from falling down to your ankles. This is one of those rare occasions where the Aesthetic size works best. It’s almost as if it has a built-in booty, so you can afford to lower your butt size a lot till eventually the shorts fit without ending up with a flat ass. Your leg muscles should be max. 65 and it can be helpful to increase saddle bags and belly size. Sandals are always a suitable choice to go with this kind of shirtless look and the Nardcotix Mecatl sandals are my go-to option.

David @ Man Cave July - 3 blog

Even when it seems like perfect t-shirt and shorts weather, it can be a good thing to have the Etham hoodie with you for those cooler evenings. It only comes as a fatpack, but the price is very reasonable and this is the kind of basic item for which it makes good sense to have it in several colours. I’m using the TMP size and the shorts I’m wearing with it this time are from the Nardcotix collection.

Yet again I killed two proverbial birds with one pretend stone (no actual birds were harmed in the making of this blog post) and spent some time exploring MadPea’s Mad World and enjoying the 1940’s music stream while I was modelling these clothes. This was also a good opportunity to try another skin from Birth on my Catwa Stanley head, whistle and say “helloooo gorgeous.”


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