What’s Eating TMP 8

Something’s happening! There’s movement! I’ve been making occasional visits to The Shops just to make sure that it’s still there and today the landing point looked very different.

The poster speaks of a “Pre-Launch pop-up shop”. So does this mean there is a future for TMP after all? At the moment they seem to be selling women’s hair, which is a new thing for them in any case. I’m not sure I like the choice of words here. Pre-launch sounds ominous. When I bought the Deluxe body at full price in 2016, it was supposed to include one free update, which by the way is very stingy compared to the perpetuate updates I’ve been receiving from Signature, NX-Nardcotix and ExMachina. Something tells me that if TMP will finally come along with a new body, they will launch it as something new altogether. Maybe they will rename it or use some other clever marketing trick to wriggle out of those previous promises. It feels like the update that should be rightfully mine will be blowing in the wind… And when I say wind, I do mean fart.

From their new booth you can click through to another refurbished space where you can still get the Deluxe body, head and skins all for 500 L$ each. Interestingly the poster in the new space refers to this as a “starter avatar”.

What's Eating TMP XXII blog

For several moths the entire clothing line from their boutique was available for free, but now you have to start coughing up the Linden dough for it again. All Boutique items are now 100 L$ or less. Perhaps they need a wee bit of cash flow for the new project?

What's Eating TMP XXI blog

Meanwhile, far away from The Shops, it’s also worth mentioning that Kauna is retiring most of their range. At the moment you can pick up almost everything for free. Much of the Kauna range has been made in the standard sizes and is not ideal for TMP, but there are some pieces that are certainly worth a second look. I especially like the bomber jacket, the trousers of the Novus suit and the wingtip brogues. This free for all has been going on since May and I have no idea for how much longer it will last, so what are you doing sitting here, reading this blog?! You should be there already!

Lastly I want to mention that I dropped a note card on the Live Help person at TMP about a week ago, asking for an honest explanation for what would happen to TMP bodies and heads in case they ever need to permanently pull the plug on their servers. So far I have received no answer to this. So, what is eating TMP? That is a question only very few people have the answer to and they’re keeping the lid firmly on those beans.

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