Kauna is giving it all away

Maybe you heard already that Kauna is closing its doors soon. The store has been open for 7 years and for much of that time they were using the e2v vendor system. As you may know, this system ceased its operations at the end May. Unfortunately only one year of sales records were available for download from the e2v website, which made setting up a new vendor system for the sake of having a redelivery terminal rather pointless from Kauna’s point of view. Instead of moving the entire range to a new vendor system, they made the decision to retire the majority of the items. At the moment the store is still open and everything can be grabbed for FREE! I checked with the charming owner / designer Ross Myhre and he assured me that the store would be open for another couple of weeks, so counting from the day I received his answer, that gives you until 10 th August to go check it out.

Keep in mind that while some items include Slink and TMP versions, much of the Kauna range was created using standard sizing. I have been testing their clothes with several bodies, starting with Belleza Jake.

Kauna Belleza bog

  1. As you can see the knee shorts with a wrap-around shirt work nicely. The standard size seems to be the preferred option and the shirt is the saving grace here, as it allows you to cover up the difficult area (yup, that ass) and make good use of the alpha cuts.
    Worn with Belleza Andrei sandals.
  2. The 2BN casual suit isn’t perfectly rigged for mesh bodies and if you like your Belleza body to look very buff, than this suit possibly won’t be for you. Then again, I don’t feel it makes me look like a stick figure and it’s amazing what undoing a couple of buttons on a shirt will do to turn up the heat.
    Worn with Deadwool Dandy shoes and socks.
  3. The 4Mat boots, socks and jeans can be worn with the shawl cardigan, all from Kauna
  4. The UCLR suit and jumper are another win for the Belleza body. If you don’t like the look of this outfit when you first put it on, I suggest you try playing with your shape, as plenty of the sliders have a big impact on the cut of this suit.
    Worn with Deadwool Dandy shoes and socks.

All shown with Catwa Stanley head with Stray Dog Erwin skin and Stealthic Reach hair.

Next we’re going to take a look at how the Signature Gianni body does with Kauna.

Kauna Signature Gianni blog

  1. What I said about the 2BN casual suit with Belleza Jake, goes for the Signature Gianni body as well.
  2. Kauna’s bomber jacket is an old favourite of mine. The main fabric, cuffs, piping, buttons and zippers can all be tinted individually with a hud, which makes it a delightfully versatile item to mix and match with any pair of trousers, like the ones from Kauna’s Novus suit. You can also wear this jacket with a t-shirt if you’re in a less showy mood.
    Worn with Deadwool chase sneakers.
  3. For those of you with a swanky dress sense and a mansion, Kauna’s luxurious smoking jacket might be just the thing to while away a Sunday afternoon in SL, pretending to be the lord of the manor. I’m wearing the  jacket with the XIV trousers and monk shoes, both from Kauna as well. Even the pipe is something you’ll find at Kauna, though you will have to try your luck at a gacha for that.
  4. The shorts and wrap around shirt work very well with Gianni. I’m not sure which size is the most suitable one, but I’m using the Slink version in this picture.
    Worn with Vale Koer V-3 trainers (group gift).

All shown with Signature Gianni mesh head, Birth Asher skin and Stealthic Like Lust hair.

Now we are moving on to the NX-Nardcotix David body, which at 1750 L$ is a steal.

Kauna NX-Nardcotix blog

  1. For David I wanted to start off with something a little bit quirky and classic, so out came the breeches and knee-high socks. This tweed suit covers up most of the body and will probably work with most bodies, though you may have to make your neck a bit less thick if you’re a gym bunny. The brown Oxford shoes are also from Kauna and combine nicely with this suit.
  2. For those of you who like that classic mature “catalogue” look, this quilted jacket will be right up your ally. I tried to make it a bit more sporty by combining it with boots and jeans, but that didn’t work out, so I settled for the XIV trousers and monk shoes.
  3. David feels happy in the standard size for the shorts with wrap around shirt.
    Worn with NX-Nardcotix Mecatl sandals.
  4. David seems equally at ease in the standard size for the UPCLR jacket, jumper and trousers. Like so many Kauna items, this suit comes with a hud that easily lets you tint it. As a bonus, there are also some Christmas patterns for the sweaters and Christmas lights you wear around your shoulders. Such fun!
    Worn with NX-Nardcotix Jude ankle boots.

All shown with Catwa Stanley head with Clef de Peau Ivo skin and Vango Matt and Billy hair.

I’m sure that you’ll find plenty in the Kauna range for the TMP mesh body and if you own any other body, just try it all on. You’ve got nothing to lose but a bit of time and isn’t that why we’re in SL anyway?

Ross Myhre is currently focused on other projects and hasn’t been making menswear for quite some time now, but says that Kauna may well be back in the future! Personally I would welcome it.

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