New Port House III

People that have more rooms than they know what to do with might have something they call their sun room. Others may feel they don’t have enough space, which is a feeling that might drive them to sticking something at the end of their house and calling it a conservatory. The New Port House by Roost is rather spacious, even if you go for the smaller of the two versions. The very large main reception room is more than big enough to accommodate a generous kitchen-diner and comfortable living room. Then you are still left with a smaller room on the side, perfect for potting plants, arranging flowers, lounging in a typical sun room sofa, leafing through your favourite magazine whilst enjoying the daylight streaming in from all sides and of course having afternoon tea in style.

Manhattan Sofa: It’s a gacha item from Concept and I can’t find it anywhere at their store. Possibly it was an exclusive item for some gacha event. There are a few of these sofas on Marketplace, just search for Manhattan and then narrow down to furniture.
Glamping Rug: a gacha items from Artisan Fantasy. Delia Wicker Table: This is from Di’cor but it was in a Deco(c)rate a while ago and it probably is not available for sale. Luxe Stand: This elegant brass and glass stand is from Fancy Decor, but I think it was a limited edition. Various plants: Dust Bunny, What Next, Plastik, Loft & Aria, Artisan Fantasy, Soy, Keke, Fancy Decor). Botanical Prints: These classic botanical prints that appear to be suspended on wires stretched across empty frames are a gacha item from Apple Fall. Handblown Glass Table Lamp: You will find this lamp at Thistle and get a large floor lamp in the same style along with it.

New Port House VIII blog

Oakly Dining Set & Pendant Light: Loft & Aria. Bonsai tree: Theory. Easy Rider side table: this little chest of drawers / side table is from Cheeky Pea, but I couldn’t find it at their store right away. I must have bought it at an event. Tea Set, Butterfly Collection: Fancy Decor. Plants: see list with previous image.

New Port House VIV blog

Simple Console Table: Keke. Flowers: Ariskea, Apple Fall, Loft & Aria. Cacti: Soy, Blue Sky. Berlin cabinet with books, baskets, plants and pots: Bazar. Botanical Study: Apple FallPlants: see list with first image.

New Port House X blogThat’s another room done and dusted. I also put together a kitchen-diner, hallway, bedroom and bathroom in this house, so this particular series within my blog hasn’t quite come to an end yet.

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