Dabbling with Geralt VII

Someone spontaneously asked me for advice on which mesh head to use with the Signature Geralt body. So far I have only been dabbling with Geralt’s “own” head, but I could easily imagine the body working well with other heads, so I went up to my attic, stitched a new man together and waited for lightning to strike so I could finally manically shout out: “It’s alive!”

To stay with the Frankenstein reference, I’m going to say that for the first look I’ve stitched the Catwa Stanley head on the Geralt body and grafted the Stray Dog Erwin skin on it. The body appliers from Stray Dog have been tailored to the Gianni body, but they don’t look too shabby on Geralt, if you ask me.

Dabbling With Geralt XXIV blog

For this next look we have to keep our fingers crossed that the dispute between Catwa and Akeruka gets resolved quickly and that the male Akeruka Deluxe heads will be back at the store soon. I don’t want to descent into the smutty SL rumor underground, but as far as I can tell, Catwa most probably filed a DCMA complaint against Akeruka and untill this gets sorted out, the Deluxe heads are off the shelves. It seems to me that in these cases, one is automatically assumed guilty until proven innocent. I got hold of the Leon head before the shit hit the fan and I really appreciate its original skin. The new and improved body applier you get with this head, works very well with Geralt, even though it was made for Gianni.

Dabbling With Geralt XXV blog

I also tried an Akeruka head of the previous generation on Geralt and found it a bit of a struggle. The Aron head for example comes with an omega body applier that doesn’t look good on Geralt and the choices for skins that can be used on this head are limited.
7 Deadly S(k)ins can be somewhat of a savior in this case. Their Brent skin works on both the Geralt head and Akeruka Anton head. I dare say the end result is charming, though the neck joint seems to be bulging a bit, especially if you have a strong neck.

That’s it for this round of head juggling. I used Stealthic hair, NSS mesh eyes and Mandala mesh ears throughout this exercise (except for Leon, those are his own ears). As usual when I’m showing off bodies and heads, I kept the use of fabrics to a bare minimum. To suit this purpose, I found some new things to wear with Geralt at the current round of the Signature event, which is on from the 1st till the 20th of August. From Flow I got myself a nice pair of swimming trunks with a tropical print. Then there is a simple pair of boxer briefs from Exalted and a comfy pair of joggers from Wazzer Works.

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