What’s Eating TMP 9

On 18th July 2018 I dropped a lengthy note card on the LiveHelp resident to ask them for clear and honest information on what would happen with all the lovely TMP bodies and heads that are out there, in case they ever see the need to pull the plug on their servers. This has always been a worry, because TMP insists on running most of their operation on their own servers rather than being part of the Linden Labs server farm. Or at least, that is what I’ve been told. About ten days later they finally saw fit to send me a very short answer…

There you have it folks, the body will function as is. That’s it? This is supposed to put us all at ease? Isn’t this like a parent explaining something to their children by saying it just is the way it is because that’s how it is? I don’t know about you, but that answer never satisfied me as a child and it certainly doesn’t now.

Meanwhile TMP have their pre-launch pop-up store, but nothing is known about what they are going to launch. At the moment they’re only selling long (female) “bento” hair at that pop-up store and you can click through to another level to get to the old mesh bodies and heads. One thing is clear, whatever it is they will be launching, if you are the kind of user that expects a lot of support and communication, it’s probably not going to be for you.

On a more positive note, let’s take a look at the current round of the TMD event and see which brands still carry a TMP size.

What's Eating TMP XXIII blog

MGMen’s has a set consisting of a jacket, a sweater and a pair of sweatpants all available in the TMP size. Keep in mind that you’re meant to wear the sweater without your hands, so pop them off before you start muttering “well this doesn’t work…” It would have been nice if the jacket worked without the sweater, but its cuffs clearly cut into the body’s wrists. Also good to know is that you need to purchase the sweater separately and it’s only represented by a coloured square on the vendor. Apart from these little niggles, I do like this outfit. I’m rather tired of the plethora of sweatpants being shown at the monthly events, but throw in a jacket and a sweater and it becomes an easy peasy no-brainer urban outfit. As much as I like putting things together, sometimes a complete outfit is just what the lazy doctor ordered. For the sneakers in this shot you will have to go off the reservation (i.e. leave the TMD event) and head over to Semller to try your luck at one of their Gacha machines.

What's Eating TMP XXIV blog

The ripped jeans and Chelsea boots from Cold Ash are divine. The perfect fit of the TMP size reminds me off that old joke: What do you get when you cross an onion and a donkey? In most cases you just get an odd looking onion with long ears, but on a magical night when the stars are aligned and the moon is in just the right position, you get an ass that’s so beautiful it makes you wanna cry.

What's Eating TMP XXV blog

It’s a shame that this shirt from Not So Bad doesn’t work with the Cold Ash jeans, but if you go take a look at the Not So Bad main store after your visit to the TMD event, you should be able to find jeans there that will work with TMP and this shirt. F.Y.I, I’m wearing their Keanu jeans in this shot.

What's Eating TMP XXVI blog

You can always count on Etham to push out yet another one of their typical jackets and in most cases, these still include a TMP size and their fatpack price tends to be reasonable.

The list of other credits is short. Evidently I’m using the TMP Deluxe mesh body and head with a TMP skin. The eyebrows are freebies from Aeros and the hairbase also comes from Aeros but you can only get it if you buy their Chae hairstyles. Personally I’ve outgrown that one, so I’m wearing the Hysterical hair (yes, that is its name) from Stealthic.

Yet again I had a nice time with this photoshoot at MadPea’s Mad World. Of course this is not traditionally meant as photography sim, but among all the fun and games there are just so many interesting corners that serve as a great backdrop and the 1940’s music stream is just so calming that I’ll have no trouble getting to sleep as soon as I’ve posted this, so till next ZzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzZzzzz…

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